Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Friday....

Just three little photos
Son, who lives n Tucson is a fabulous cook.
He reads the recipe several times, makes sure he has all the correct ingredients and then most importantly follows the recipe. I am at best a lazy cook. I will use what is on hand, toss in a bit of this and that and it is usually rather good but when you follow the recipe this is what happens.... a fabulous dinner.
The recipes are from Madhur Jaffrey's Flavors Of India.
Above photo is Vegetable Rice. He crushed and toasted spices, soaked rice and chopped vegetables.

Country Chicken Curry and the Vegetable Rice.
This weekend he is making a Fish Stew from the Kerala region also. Photos to follow.
One dinner he made a Savory Rice Bread that used Cream Of Rice, flour, yeast and coconut milk and involved fermenting the batter. It was wonderful ! I think he should forget getting a degree in History/Teaching and go to Cooking School.

Your weekend photo of Zen....

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Tables And Chairs, Andrew Bird
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    We certainly agree about your son's creativity in the kitchen. Not sure about the cooking school, we feel that he should fast track to opening a restaurant. Lucky you when dinner invitations come your way!

  2. You can never have too much in the way of sky shots.

  3. Could I borrow said son for a few weeks of dinner parties please?

  4. Ok this has made me head out for dinner.

  5. Jane and Lance...
    I have wondered about mentioning a cooking school to him so he can learn the basics. He usually just finds a recipe he likes and makes it.

    Thanks, I feel the same way too !

    Empress Bee...
    Oh yes, I am very lucky. All my children are really great cooks. Japanese Son has a Cassoulet recipe that uses Chorizo. We wait till the winter to make it. We have made it with soy Chorizo so it is a great vegetarian choice.

    Oh yes, you can ! and I could come to serve....

    There is always room for more at the table.

    I saw the dumplings/buns you had the other day. You food choices where you live are fabulous !

  6. Wow! He's doing great. That looks super yummy. Hell's Kitchen time for him.

  7. Oh that's sounds so delicious. The unfortunate thing is that I blog in at night, and I am so tempted to walk down to the fridge, lol. Thanks for sharing your food with us today. Hope all is well otherwise, Anna :)

  8. Parsnip

    May I come to eat at your house?
    So inventive and delicious looking.