Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...
Wonderful Japanese family brought me some very tasty gifts on their visit. This Instant Ramen is the best I have ever had. It comes with three packets to add. It comes out looking almost like the photo on the package. I am guessing this has enough sodium for a month but so very good I don't care !

Fun cookies...
I have never been crazy for chocolate and Japanese chocolate is just OK for me. I don't like Godiva Chocolates either. I know, I know I am the only woman in the world who doesn't like chocolate. But I rather liked these cookies because they are not very sweet. The galbo ball is a small semi crunchy outside with almost a soft airy cake creamy inside. The Chip Chop for me is much better, it is a little salty outside with a tiny strip of soft filling. I like them in the afternoon with coffee.

What I love about these cookies, is after you peel the perforated strip off, you can refold the box top down. It is still attached to the back, and is very easy to close the box back up. A beautifully designed box.

Arizona son is a fabulous chef. This is a dinner he made last week, Okonomiyaki. A savory pancake filled with usually what you have around. We had stir-fried pork, onions and green chilies. We then topped it with Okonomiyaki sauce, a lightly sweet tangy sauce, Japanese Mayo that for some reason looks green in this photo (?) red pickled ginger and chopped green onions. When you go to the Okonomiyaki restaurant it is made to share, cooked on a stove top built in the table and you cut off a bite with the little spatula to eat it. So much fun and it really work quite well. We eat it with chopsticks or a fork at home, perfect with a beer.

hungry. . . parsnip
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  1. Coincidence, a Japanese friend just told me to go to Osaka where the Okonomiyaki is specially good and highly recommended.

  2. Jenny...
    Ack ! ! ! Osaka is my favorite city even more than Tokyo.
    My son lives in Nishinomiya which borders Osaka. Every region has an Okonmiyaki recipe that uses their special ingredients.
    My favorite Okomiyaki restaurant is Tombo's run by a family friend, he use to play for the Hanshin Tiger Baseball team, great Baseball team ! who now makes the best Kimchi and Pork and of course Okomiyaki.
    You will love Osaka !

  3. William...
    Don't make fun of the crazy english till you have eaten the cookies.... but you can see what I really liked about these cookies was the box !

  4. Oh, those cookies look good!

    I saw that you got an avalanche of notices from my blog. Sorry about that. I was merging three blogs into one, and it seems Blogger sent twenty-plus notices to everyone who's following me!

  5. Norma...
    The cookies are nice even if they are chocolate.
    I didn't mind the avalanche of your posts. I just thought blogger was holding up some post. Some people who comment on my blog can't post sometimes so I thought it was just another glitch.

  6. mmm, it all looks wonderful!

    smiles, bee

  7. Empress Bee...
    Don't look Don't look !

  8. I love the concept of food to share. It's so much more sociable than everyone having their own plateful :)

  9. Oh yes, I am hungry. That looks delicious. I love the concept of cooking from the bottom of the fridge. Some of the best food ever comes from there.

    As for the cookies, don't you just love the names?

  10. H...
    When eating Japanese or Korean food over a grll, it takes time, tastes great and you have time to talk and enjoy the meal and friends.

    With all the drugs I take I not suppose to drink. I haven't really had a normal sized drink in 40 years. But, sometimes if I am feeling ok and eating sushi I will sometime have half a Japanese sized glass of beer. For me really better than saki. Unless your drinking saki bombs which is a whole different story !

    Many times we will plan on having some leftovers so we can make this dish. so good.

  11. The eye appeal is fantastic. So important.

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