Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday In Japan....

Some random fun signs...
Fabulous Osaka restaurant in the older style of dinning at low tables.
Sign at the Pokemon Center, it has a Lawson, like a 7/11 only a thousands times better.
Fast food.

Osaka street signs.

Curry fast food, with the usual banner signs and of course bikes. Great curry !

Tanuki, modern day god for restauranteurs

Famous Awaji onions make the best soup.

The third ad down on the left is showing the wonderful cake made from bamboo charcoal with a cream filling, Heaven !

Tako.... octopus

Fugu !

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Daydream, Tatsu Yamashita
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  1. It's like Tutankhamun's tomb! 'I see wonderful things...'
    It's strange how the 'everyday' things from another culture are so exciting to see. Great shots, and great colours.

  2. The signs certainly are fun to see. I love the Tanuki banner!

  3. I never have eaten an octopus taco, but I'm adventuresome!

  4. Titus...
    Awwwwwwwww, I feel the same way always something fun, bright,funny or just plain weird to look at and enjoy.

    Empress Bee...
    Writing your name never gets old.... the cake is so good and very BLACK and the cream filling is devine !
    Very strange eating a BLACK cake.... much like when one has Squid In Ink Sauce for the first time, very black.

    I love the Pokeman Center... I am a 15 year old geek at heart !

    I love Tanuki they are so very cute. You see Tanuki statues everywhere wearing the straw hat at the entrance of many restaurants and bars.

    Tako is the Japanese word for Octopus and I am crazy about Takoyakai. Which is street food, small dumpling ball with a small bit of tako/octopus inside. So good.

  5. Japanese fast food looks so delicious. We only once tried US fast food and we hated it but the signs look very tempting.

  6. I'm a little worried about rising gracefully from the table:)

  7. I love the Osaka street signs. They look like they have stepped from a childrens' storybook.

  8. Wonder what it is that makes Japanese graphics so distinctive? Not just the different writing, but something about the colours too. A big use of red and pink, perhaps? I am trying to work it out.