Friday, September 9, 2011

fabulous friday...

My Friday post about anything and everything...
When it rains in Tucson it is always a great time to look at the mountains and to see what is really there. This late afternoon storm diffused the light just enough to see all the ridges and valleys from my backyard view of the foothills. There are six, usually it looks like just two or three.

Now for my moment of WTF were you thinking, please let the Darwin Award go to this person. The only good thing to come out of this incident is that I hope the typical "Ugly American" tourist stereotype has now been replaced by a Canadian. My other wish is I hope he really doesn't or will never have children.
I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this story.

Have a wonderful spray paint free weekend where ever you are.

tourist. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World, Michael Andrews, Gary Jules

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  1. First, your photo is beautiful. I'm so happy to hear you have rain. We had about 4 minutes of sprinkles so far but keeping fingers crossed.

    Second, seriously on the crazy spray painter? I'm thinking he must have been drunk or something because who would do such a thing. You're right, it was a WTF were you thinking moment.

    Happy weekend parsnip!

  2. Beautifl picture!

    I'd heard about that incident... but the idiot's from my hometown??

    He should be forced to scrub it off. With a toothbrush.

  3. jeanette...
    It is now raining rather nicely not a huge downpour, lots of thunder and lighting too. On my computer I have Doppler Radar it always looks like Phoenix is getting rain. I hope this storm drifts your way too.
    I debated using the "WTF" term I don't want to offend anyone but if there was a time to use it this was the time.

  4. William....
    I just think he should pay the bill for the clean up, his kids will definitely remember him for that.

    Just your luck he is from your hometown. He could have been from any town and country.

  5. what a wad! or as my duck would say, what a dipshidiot. your mountains are lovely... i used to have mountains to look at, now i have golf stuff...

    smiles, bee

  6. Wow. Just wow. To both actually.
    But mostly to the asshat.
    And to you, the photo is magnificent.

  7. Exquisite photograph parsnip - just goes to show that you don';t always need the sun to make a dramatic shot.

  8. Hello:
    It is absolutely beyond belief and completely mindless. But then so much of life today appears to be. Ghastly!

    On a sudden impulse we are taking ourselves, minus the computer, away for just a few days to catch the last of the summer on the shores of Lake Balaton. Be assured, we shall leave the spray paint at home!!

  9. There are mindless vandals everywhere. Some clot has just tried to mount Snowdon in a 4 x 4 and left it there. Even the moon is no longer sacrosant.

  10. People are pretty goofy at times.

    You see people who rise up and become heroes at times like 9/11 and then you see people like this guy. Let's hope the heroes outnumber the dufusses every time.

  11. What a beautiful mountain view. It is so interesting and rare to see all the ridges that are really there.

    As for the Grand Canyon spray painter, WTF indeed! I hope he doesn't have children, ever.

  12. Justice would have been served by tossing that guy off the edge. I mean, how easy, right?

  13. IDIOT with his spray paint. Absolute moron. A recent trip to our Valley of Fire revealed someone of similar ilk had carved perfect LA Lakers logos into the sandstone formations - maybe 10 of them throughout the park. The stupidity factor is matched only by the neatness of execution. These logos took some time and care to etch into stone.

  14. Duh, what people will do! Sometimes I see graffiti CUT INTO the stone of ancient monuments.

  15. He must have arrived with that intention. You don't normally go touring with spray paint, do you? Surreal.

    And great photo.

  16. Yes, William, he's one of yours! I'm so glad that for once, the Village Idiot is not an American!

    Parsnip, I love the photo!

  17. Empress Bee...
    Yes but your golf stuff is so green, do I remember you have a water view too ?
    There are no word for what he did.

    Thank you, I like the photo something from "The Lord Of The Rings" I thought.

    I wish it was somewhat clearer but if I cleaned it up any I lost all the details. Thank you I think it quite dramatic too.

    Jane and Lance...
    I will look up Lake Balaton so I can see where you are.
    I love spray paint and use it quite often, so when see it abused it really does make me angry.

    Vandals are everywhere and they all should be fined and put to work cleaning up all the mess made by them and others.

    Yes one hopes that the good people will and can outnumber the crazies.

    We are so lucky when because of the rain we can see what is really there.
    I too hope there are no children to pass his stupidity on to.

    Oh if only !

    Oh Leslie, I can not believe that some idiot thought (?) that was a good idea. I sometime fear for our society.

    I just don't really understand people at all. What were they taught in the home ? lack of parents who don't teach their children right from wrong... so disturbing.

    What you mean you don't carry a can of spray paint with you at all times ?
    Thanks, I thought the photo very interesting pure luck.

    Yes for once the idiot was not an American although it could have been.
    I must admit when I have traveled to other countries, most Americans Tourist are lovely people. Even the ones who are a bit loud and maybe not so understanding of other cultures. I haven't seen us spray painting the Eiffel Tower and I hope I never do.
    Thanks I love the photo too.

  18. I hope this bozo with the spray paint is punished to the full extent of the law.

    Having said that, lets put this in perspective. In Appalachia, they remove entire mountains to get at the coal underneath. It's a lot easier to remove spray paint than it is to replace a mountain.

  19. What a bleeping ^&$)^!* idiot. Things like that sort of wanton destructiveness are infuriating. I'd like to drop him off the top of those rocks and be done with it.