Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Twenty minutes in the life of a summer monsoon storm.

The first summer I lived in Tucson this one of the first monsoon rain storm I was able to track as it moved around the Tucson Valley.

It started at the northeast side of my home between the Catalina and Rincon Mountains.

Traveling south towards the Santa Rita Mountains.

Moving very fast blocking out all the sky east of me but I was standing under a blue sky filled with sunlight and no wind.

The storm, now south of me, veered west, now traveling west along 22nd street (about 20 minutes from my home) taking out several street of telephone/electric poles and filling the streets with water.

Looking up into the storm clouds.

The storm changed path again, now heading north on the west side of my home heading back toward the Catalina Mountains and the flat lands leading towards Phoenix.

Making this a very unusual "U" shaped path this storm followed.

The color change was just the way the sun illuminated the fast moving storm winds filled with dust and rain.

stormy. . .parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain, Sting

still trying to figure out Picasa and it messed up where my text should be.

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  1. Remember, my offer to assist with Picasa still stands! I LOVE using it.

    I love the look of the monsoon, but I don't feel well when it's going on around me. I've never lived in humidity and I don't seem to tolerate it well. I heard on the news this morning that y'all are attempting to ship some monsoonal stuff our way this weekend. Thanks for that, since - after a pretty temperate summer - we are now in a heatwave.

  2. i remember storms like this when we lived in sierra vista, so many years ago!

    smiles, bee

  3. Looks like something you might see in a Steven Spielberg movie.

  4. Looks kind of ominous and threatening to me. I have not encountered storms like this.

  5. Amazing photos. I love them.. I love storms but am glad I don't have to be in them.

  6. That last shot I could see was stunningly amazingly incredibly gorgeous.
    Ansel Adams good.
    You could sell that and get royalties from it for years, Parsnip - it's that good.

  7. Were you inside or outside? Hope you didn't take any chances.
    Stunning photos but that last one deserves to be hung.

  8. what an amazing storm. We love to watch storms from the front porch. Amazing they are, but never quite like yours!

  9. Leslie...
    I am having trouble with a few things but I will work at it... when my Japanese Son was showing me it all seemed so easy... I will keep working at it.
    Today was much cooler only 99 so much better that what we have been having. We are havng a very weird monsoon season this year.

    Empress Bee...
    I love the summer storms so very interesting.

    Well Thanks, Nature in Arizona is real no CGI for us.

    It really wasn't that ominous, just quite exciting to watch. It moved very fast and I was standing in bright sunlight and blue skies. Arizona storms are like that raining on one side of the street dry on the other.

    Very beautiful, this series is on the top of my favorite photos.

    Arizona storms are very different. I must admit I really dislike when I lived in Kansas City and during Tornado Season when the sky would turn green.... that was weird.

    Thank You.
    That last shot is one of my top favorites.
    It came at a time in my life when my x left, I was 60 at the time, had to sell the home I loved living in and move from the city I loved living in with all my friends, all I kept was the children, my dogs, a car, the kitchen god and I moved to Tucson.
    Then one day that storm happened and even though it was raining 20 minutes from me, the sun was shinning on me, sometime life is good.

    Thank You.
    I was outside but all was calm where I was.

    It was an amazing storm and I was so lucky that I walked outside at that moment and had my camera with me.