Monday, July 10, 2017

Monsoons, Winds, Rain, Lighting and Fire

Monsoon started finally.

 Saturday evening small storm looking west.

 Sunday morning.

 Storm clouds heading east and south,

 Getting close to the Burro Fire.

 Rain in the area of the Burro Fire.The cooler air plus rain helped.
There is alway a but... there were lots of lighting strikes.
Three new fires started in this area because of lighting strikes.
They were quickly put out by the firefighters who were fighting the Burro Fire.
Gosh another but... the air smelled so good. Not dry, hot and dusty but sweet smelling
desert sage, wet earth and ozone from the lighting.
 Sunday night sunset,

 reflected in my window.
Here we are today,
 Gosh these 100+ temps are so much better.

 It is so much cooler today, down from 118 +

 The morning sky. Lovely !
Cloud cover and cooler temps. We so need it.

 I can tell when thehamish is really not feeling well.
He will cuddled up to me. Sad very sad but heartbreaking sweet at the same time.

 Here is your pretty to start the week
I am making all of thehamish food now.
Mushy rice and chicken + other stuff.
He loves it !
Can you tell by his sweet little face.
Love this gud dug !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. The Hamish is one dear, sweet little Scottie! I know your heart is breaking. Your love & devotion are inspirational. Best wishes.

  2. The Hamish is one dear, sweet little Scottie! I know your heart is breaking. Your love & devotion are inspirational. Best wishes.

  3. I was so hoping those rains would come and put the fires out. Sounds like Ham's diet will be easy to digest. I fix Emmy and Sister's too. Big hug to you both.

    1. my home got rained on at 345 ! for 2 minutes.
      God is gud !

  4. I saw on an Arizona photoblog that the monsoons had arrived there. Sweet Hamish.

    1. It has arrived... rain, lightning, wind dust and of course fires.
      Sometimes it will rain in Tucson but not up here by me. The Tucson weather is always strange.

  5. Looks hot, but I realize it is cooler at 100º than 118º. My kitty cuddles when she's not feeling well too. Hope cooler temps help him.

  6. Such stunning sky photos, thanks for sharing and greetings!

    1. Thank You for stopping by.
      Greetings back at you.....

  7. That rice is so good, I'm gonna save some in my beard for later! says Hamish.

    Awesome pictures.

  8. It rained so hard this afternoon that we had a flood warning. Please tell thehamish that he is a gud and beautiful dog and I would be glad to cuddle with him.


  9. I love those Arizona skies! And I'm glad to hear the heat has subsided a little bit.

    Dear sweet Hamish. What a gud boy!

  10. Such a sweet little boy! So pelased that the rain has come and you are safe.

  11. Glad the fire by lighting strike was put out quickly. Very scary, though.
    Love the last picture. Looks like thehamish really loved his meal :-) He is such a sweetheart. I hope he is feeling well.

  12. Thehamish is such a gud dug, I hope he's feeling better after all that wonderful food you're cooking for him.

    Inca xx

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