Monday, July 3, 2017

Fires Everywhere !

Wildfires !
Arizona is on fire.

The Burro fire is the closes to me.
It is hard for me to see this, as many of you know 
I lost my home in a huge California wildfire, that was set.

 This is where I live.

Somewhat better.

The yellow squiggle is me the red squiggle is the fire.
To get to me it has to get down the mountain and foothills.
But it is very close.

 Sorry about the computer photos.
Yesterday I could see this pyrocumulus clouds.

 This is a photo from the tv again from yesterday.
Sorry it is so messy.

 This morning out my studio window.

A hours later.
If you could look to the right, the clouds are almost over my home.

 A sweet photo from the Prescott fire.
Two HotShots found two lost fawns. They hope to reunite Mum and babies.

 As ill as thehamish is, he will play for short times.

 Much like with his Watson he is resting his head on Son's leg.
I miss finding those two like this.

 Sleeping little old sweetheart.
Oh dear, the grey and white of this face and paws.
I love to take photos of gud dug paws.

 So sweet.

As alway here is your pretty for mid-week.

I fed thehamish a piece of no fat, no salt chicken
this is a small piece of chkikin' thehamish left for me.
A heart !


cheers,  parsnip


  1. Do hope those fires keep away Gayle - you have enough to worry about with Hamish without adding the fires to your worries.

    1. I have lived through many fire seasons.
      What bother me is the wind this afternoon it will send the ash clouds up to 4+ miles away from the fire.
      I see the ash clouds building up and growing from my studio windows.

  2. It must be very scary for you. Hope they get it contained. Poor Hamish, he looks tired.

  3. You need a good solid couple of weeks of rain. And a twenty or thirty degree drop in temperatures.

  4. Hope the monsoons start soon. Ham looks funny with his plaything. So sweet.

    1. Me too way to hot but not the right dew point.

  5. Bless thehamish - he's such a sweetguddug, big hugs from us.
    Hope they manage to contain the fire and there are no casualties.

    Inca xx

  6. Fire looks very close. I hope you stay safe and fire will be under control. thehamish is so sweet. It's great he wants to play even though he is not well. The little heart he left is so precious! xo

  7. Do they still drop ice in clouds to induce rainstorms? If so, someone should hop in a plane and do it over where you live.

    1. Does that work ? First we need some clouds

  8. That fire looks too close for comfort. I hope you and yours are OK.

    Greetings from London.

    1. It is close but a whole mountain is between us

  9. That fire really is too close. Will you have to evacuate?

    Hamish looks so sweet. How's he feeling now?

    1. No it is near but lots of mountain between us

  10. Ham is adorable - best wishes! Praying for rain as you are, from down the road at Pima Canyon. Take care.

    1. I will have to check out where you are.
      I am near Thimble Peak

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