Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Monday. . .

Just Monday

Summer is knocking already at my door.
I saw thehamish trying to sit in the sun before it moved to the right
napping place.

This reminds me of Watson's favorite place to nap.

Of course thehamish loved to cuddle in.

Merida is Son's cat !
Sometimes if she is in the right mood she will let me pet the top of her head.
Mostly she turns her back to me.
I picked out a diamond necklace for her. She wore it for 2 seconds for 
the photo and then wanted her old necklace back.
Diva !

Of course Oliver has to photobomb in.


Here is your pretty to start the week.
Spring is here and summer is peeking around the corner.

spring. . . parsnip
music. . . If I Could.  Blue Merle


  1. Sorry to hear about the Hamish's eyes. Had a cat who was blind and he like v ed quite happily. Thought of you while we were in Japan, currently sitting in the Delta Club in Honolulu waiting for our flight to Atlanta.

  2. Sunbeams are always a pleasure to nap in, and Hamish knows it!

    1. Yes, they all like resting in the sun.

  3. Love the sleeping in the sun shots. Citrus? Mine is all blooming too.

    1. Mine too !
      We are having strong winds again. Last two years I lost all my Myer Lemon blooms.

  4. Hi, Gayle!

    Here in Central Florida spring already sprung months ago. I'd say it sprang in mid January. :) My dad was a shutterbug and he loved to take closeups of bees in blossoms.

    Watson and thehamish remind me my Toto. She always searched for a patch of sunlight on the floor and took a nap in that spot. She would sometimes awaken, realize the patch had moved a few feet, move over to it, plop down again, and promptly fall asleep. :) Merida is a gorgeous kitty but, as you well know, most cats are aloof and don't give you lubbins like a dog does.

    I wish you and your pets a safe and happy week, dear friend Gayle!

  5. The pictures of The Hamish laying in all of the sun splashes he could find were so cute. I am surprised he doesn't get hot laying in the sun. My little Pomeranian is just the opposite. He gets too hot, so he seeks out cool, breezy spots in the house summer and winter. He never spends too much time on our laps because he gets too hot. He's a very furry little critter.

    Your kitty looks so regal wearing a diamond necklace She is a beautiful cat, with or without diamonds.

    1. Cool home my AC is on already so laying in the sun is very good.

  6. I love the photos of Watson and thehamish. One day last week I turned on the air conditioning, but only for a few hours. Then the temperature dropped enough to make it comfortable again. I like having the windows open.


  7. Sweet Hamish!

    Merida is a beautiful kitty and she knows it.

    1. Merida rules her world and sometimes I get to be in it.

  8. Spring has definitely sprung here, too. It was warm enough a couple days ago for me to play in the Gulf with my grandchildren. We'll have to wear our bathing suits next time... HA

    Hamish looks very happy in his sunbeam, and I think black cats deserve diamond necklaces. That picture looks soooooo cool. What a classy cat.


  9. It's getting warmer and soon summer will arrive here, too. Looks like thehamish was enjoying warm sunlight. He is such a sweetheart :-)
    Love the look of Merida with diamond necklace. She is so gorgeous! But of course she wants her old one, hahaha :-)

    1. I think Merida looked beautiful but she love the first necklace Adam gave her.
      he is Adams cat !

  10. That is such a handy napping spot! wish I had a patch of sunlight like that to nap in!