Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday in Tucson not Japan today.

I had a post planned about the Earthquake in Japan.
But now I am off to VSCT instead.
thehamish has his specialty doctors there and we are off to see them.
Somehow yesterday he damaged his left leg and can not put any weight on it. 
The other back leg has  a ACL and he has a limited use of it. 
So he is wobbling and dragging his back legs.

What a dilemma !

I can not hold him or walk at the same time so he got a ride this morning 
to go outside for his morning sniffs !


yesh nice tall person who feed us this is being a long way down 
i thehamish is thinkin' i likin' the down part better

We are off to see the wizard now.


And as always here is your pretty for mid-week

When I took this photo it was during our summer monsoons. 
I looked outside and saw this. Super hot bright sun and the deep shadows of the clouds. 
I did not play with any filters, it just looked this way.

hurt. . . parsnip
music. . . Promise Land,  Hannah Miller


  1. Poor Hamish. I hope he feels better soon! Sweet boy!

  2. Hi, Gayle!

    We had so many problems with our Cocker Spaniel's legs, too. We ended up having to carry him up and down stairs. I am very sorry to learn that thehamish is ailing again and hope you get him fixed up soon!

  3. God bless thehamish. I hope your next post says he is healed.


  4. Poor Hamish. I hope he's going to be feeling better soon.

  5. Hope The Ham is better soon. Beautiful landscape.

  6. Prayers for the Hamish, hugs too.

  7. Bowooof woof woof! A woofer barooo boof booof. Aroooo! Arooo! A barooo aroo. Woof!

  8. Oh, no. I'm sorry thehamish damaged his leg. It must be very hard for him not to be able to run around himself. But he is very lucky to have you to take him outside on the ride so that he can enjoy fresh air. He is so loved! I hope he gets better soon.

    The last picture is amazing! It looks like the ocean and white sand beach!

  9. I do hope the vet was able to help the Hamish and that he will be back on his legs soon.

  10. Poor Hamish. While he's healing, maybe you could hook a little wagon to your walker so the two of you can travel together!

  11. Poor Hamish! But at least he has a walker to use....

    I love your photo of the mountains!

  12. Oh, poor sweet Hamish! I hope he can recover!

  13. Poor doggie! Best wishes to both of you.

  14. OH poor Hamish. I do hope he will recover soon. The landscape looks fantastic. A most wonderful picture.
    Take care Parsnip,