Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday in Japan. . . calenders

I love calenders. Either as a gift or looking for and buying one myself. So many great choices. The starting of a New Year with a brand new calender is wonderful. O f course my Birthday month is January, only makes it more special.  And yes I was the kid who loved buying new school supplies at the start of school.  I loved school.
The only draw back is for some reason many calenders the month of January is not always the best photo or artwork.

I adore Japanese calenders. If I didn't buy them, son would send some fantastic ones to us.

As I said in my last post one of Japanese son's photos was accepted for a favorite daily Train Calender.


                             His photo was taken on and accepted for for my birthday.

Last years calendar was one of my favorite fish calenders
If you look to the right of the calender on my grid  board, your can see the January 4th Train A Day from 2008  that is above my computer desk.

I have read somewhere that certain years repeat . If you had a calendar from 1947 you could use it again this year.
I have several wonderful Studio Ghibli calenders that I have saved.  They are so beautiful that I couldn't toss them away. Now I will unpack them and see what years I have and what year I can repeat.

 But this year I did break down and order a new one. The art work is always fabulous.
Or course this one is Totoro, one of my favorite movies. And the month of January is wonderful. Yea Me !

  Charming !

 This is such a cheerful layout. It was one of the main reasons I ordered this calender.
I smile every time I look at it.


Here is your pretty for the midweek. Son sent a great post card from his latest train trip.
A very happy Soba mascot. From Iwate Prefecture there are many Soba people.
 Kawaii !

Isn't she darling and so happy !

soba. . . parsnip
music. . . The Wind Forest,  OST My Neighbor Totoro

computer and comcast acting up again so I had to post from the web link.


  1. Anime and manga really show themselves in the most unexpected of places, Parsnip! Very colourful!

  2. Collin loves anime and manga--I'll have to show him this post, Gayle!

  3. Those Japanese calendars are fabulous!

    Greetings to The Square Ones! (Can't do the usual (R) as Louis is doing this from his iPhone.)

  4. That's a great Ghilbi calendar. Don't think I saw that on in the bookstores. We use free calendars I get from my school. I look forward to this time every year because on the desk where we stamp into work there's a big box full of calendars from the various companies that my school does business with. The one we have now in our kitchen is from a uniform company! It's not that pretty, but very practical. Yuko got another one we have in the living room from her life insurance company.

    Here are some pictures of all the "Wanko" characters. Wan means bowl and ko means child.

    1. Love the one you sent ! forgot to take a photo

  5. You will enjoy my next post - it too is about calendars - home made.

    1. for the last few years I have made calenders to give as gifts.
      I have them printed up though.

  6. Putting up new calendars is such a wonderful ritual - Audubon Society in our front entrance, National Parks in my classroom, two kitten calendars for my daughter's room...

    Yes, super calendars indeed.
    I love foreign ones. I have not forgotten your hat and will commence shortly!

  8. Oh dear I'm late again but the wishes are sincere for a happy,healthy 2014 for you and your family - boys included.