Friday, January 3, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . it is so hard being thehamish


yes this is me thehamish i are very tired helpin' clean up after  fun gud time
some day comes and lots of stuff gets all over the house and a tree comes inside my home
lots of tall people havin fun playin with us thehamish  Watson cousin waldie and truffs
we got cookies food CHKIKIN' food and treats its all gud but i tired gud dug
all this helping and bein' gud is makin' me tired
and now it is gud dug square dug friday
oh no is my work never done
bein' cute is hard work
woe is me

we gots cookiesfrom other gud dug cousins
one for gud dug Watson and me thehamish
guess the one that is mineminemine mine

gud dug Watson lookin at cookie i thehamish is there too
 i lookin' for cookie but not findin' it

all this fun makin' gud old dug Watson tired
has to rest 'cause he tired  thehamish found Watson sleepin' on
nice tall person who feeds us  bed it was quiet gud nappin'
he gots under the blanket and fixin' the pillows lots
he is really gud at that

cousin truffs wore this gud shirt
i snorted it is gudgud gud  its' sayin'
will trade my brother for presents
hahahhahahahah snort ha ha

waldie is brother he is so sad he sleepin' with his head on rocks
he is funny gud dug but sorta' strange

but he lives with badcat bowie so maybe thats why he is strange
everytime he be sleepin' cat comes and has to be sleepin' too

poor waldie he is trying to sleep
and badcat havin' to sleep same place too
now you see why im' tired so much gud dug stuff to do
thehamish is needin sleepin'
helpin' is so hard
oh woe is me
yert !

Here is your pretty for the weekend

At the start of December we had a big storm zoom in
that snowed in the mountains with rain in the valley.
View from my back yard with the dusting of snow on the mountains.


Sunset later in the month.
If you can believe it the clouds look even brighter with the sun glowing
like gold. Tucson has the best sunsets.

gud. . . parsnip
music. . . Everybody Needs Somebody to Love,  The Blues Brothers
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  1. What a sunset!

    Love the Square Boys helping you with tidying after Christmas.x

  2. That yellow in the sunset is amazing. Love the first shot best though!

    1. My camera never quiet gets the colors right but this was pretty close.

  3. The Square Ones look like they had a good Christmas!

    Bowie and Waldie look cute together!

  4. I know how you guys feel. Being good is hard work!

  5. the hamish is so tired, all that work to do! he needs a kitty to sleep with too! and dr watson is such a sweetie pie. yert yert yert!!!

    smiles, bee

    1. no bad cat to sleep with... Bowie bites Waldie thehamish would not put up with that.

  6. Oh...oh woe...Those two gud square dugs have so much to deal with. Our mum put away all of our Christmus stuff today too...and other humans kept coming by to visit..we're so very just tuckered us out. Woe. Sometimes it's so hard being a gud dug.

    Buzzy McDuff and the Pip

    PeeS: So far...10 inches of snow and minus 15 degrees...Yert!

    1. Yes BuzzyMcDuff and the Pip being gud dugs and helpful is hard !

      Not sure if I should tell you it was 70/45 today.
      -15 is not something I want to hear.

  7. Waldie is adorable but you're right--a little strange! LOL

  8. YERT!
    «Louis» got tired just reading about what the gud dugs had to do. (of course the fact that he is writing this at almost 1:00 a.m. MIGHT have something to do with that...)

  9. It might be the year of the horse in Japan but I am sure that in Tucson it will be the year of the square ones.

  10. Extra gorgeous photos of the animals to celebrate the new year!
    Am I right in thinking we shared a birthday yesterday?
    Buster sends lots of love.
    We will be buying some cool hat (purple!) later today

  11. They're so sweet. Even when they're pooped out.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  12. That bad cat looks a pretty gud cat to me:)