Friday, January 17, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . yea us !

                   It's Friday, best day of the week if your a Little Square Black Dog !
                                  You know the drill, so lets woof it... woof !

Nice tall person who plays with us, gave these very wonderful Scotties to our, nice tall person who feeds us.
I think they are very fun and like them. But thehamish doesn't. He thinks thehamish should be the only fun Scotty in the house besides me.

 Sometimes living with thehamish can be very trying. He has delusions of grandeur.

                                   Salt and pepper shakers from the 1940 ?

                                              I think they look wonderful.

                     ha ha ha Watson you not right not gud not gud at all thehamish is best

 I think nice tall person who feed us will enjoy using these at her desk, especially when I an sleeping under it.

nonononono no not gud only playin'with thehamish is gud not using scotties for workin'   only gud playin' not gud at all nonononono  woe is me   woe

                     This is for the things that go in your ears when not using them.
                                            I think this is very cute and useful.

                           not understandin' but I know this not gud nonono not gud.
                                    more woewoewoe woe  woe is me     woe

                   Here is you pretty for the weekend or as thehamish would say
                                                 more of thehamish is gud
                                                        He is so naughty.

 Watson sleeping on the chair just like my Little Square Black Dog Kirby did so many years ago.
               Watson is such a lovely dog and at age 15 he can sit anywhere he wants.

                                       Of course thehamish must never be left out.
                                            and I say,  hahahahaha oh why not !
                                    There is no stopping the force that is thehamish

                                    So here is naughty thehamish  on the sofa with Watson

                          hahahahahahahaha i gud dug thehamish im' likin' playin' ball
                                                           and chkikin' strips
                                                                        yert !

                                                        silly. . . parsnip
                              music. . . Until You Come Back To Me,  Aretha Franklin

     Google is not letting me post again ! so I had to post from the web page again.


  1. I love me some square dog friday!

  2. I saw just the perfect present for you Gayle the other day - it was a scottie doorstop. I said to the farmer that I must send it
    to you and then I tried to pick it up and found that I couldn't = it was too heavy. I blanched at the thought of the postage!

    1. Goodness Thank you for the thought but I am happy you didn't pay 4times the price on postage.
      When I send a box to Japan it is 40 to 60 + dollars for postage . So we pack the box full !

  3. Very cool Scottie items!

    The Hamish and Watson are as handsome as ever!

    1. They know they are handsome... and loved

  4. Yesh, yesh, yesh!...we loves us Fridays best because of those square ones! But Wednesdays in Japan are fun too because of all the interesting things you always show us. Love the photo today of naughty thehamish with the smiling face and sedately handsome Watson. Gud dugs!

    1. Thank you.
      thehamish is just as I write him... he is very quirky as Watson is sweet.

  5. yes they can both sit anywhere they want because you are YOU! they are really gud doggies! yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. Yes they both get away with a lot !
      but I lurve them

  6. I love Square Dog Fridays--the Square Ones are as cute and entertaining as ever, and all the Scottie merch looks great. (Since that phone clutch was too small for your phone, I kept it for myself...after all, I'm a Square Dog fan!)

    1. Hahahahahahahaha... The Square ones lurve you back !
      I am not kidding here but Scotties are a hoot to live with. So quirky and full of love and naughty all mix up into a compact bundle.
      My friends (men) who only must have big dog love my boys.

  7. Very stylish salt and pepper shakers. I received a lovely post card from you today. Thank you so, it brightened my snow day. I hope you and your family will have a happy and prosperous new year.

    1. They are very sweet !
      Glad you liked the postcard... hope your not so snowed in right now.
      We are have lovely weather but wishing for rain... but only after my roof is finished !

  8. If they were a comedy team, I bet Watson would be the straight man--or straight dog.

  9. I think of them as Burns and Allen.

  10. I could never see either one being naughty.

  11. HAHAHAHA!!!
    Burns and Allen!

  12. Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable. (I dunno why, but I have a "thing" for old shakers.)

    When I was a girl, I had two tiny Scotties with magnets on the bottom side. The idea was to put them on the metal table and make them "move" by sliding another magnet underneath. (I guess I was easily amused.)

  13. Those salt and pepper shakers are very nice. I recently got a soy sauce bottle in the shape of R2-D2.

  14. I have 2 black and 1 white Scottie sitting on my hearth with a tall weird looking cat. The Scotties have a hole underneath and the cat hasn't. I'm not sure of their purpose - if any but they remind me of your boys.