Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday In Japan... food

So excited !
Look what just came in the mail. Seeds from Kitazawa Seed Company.


I ordered the melon, quite wonderful but what I an so excited about is the Shishito seeds.

My most favorite pepper. I love them more than the famous New Mexico Hatch chile.
I hope I can grow these peppers because it is super hard to find them in Tucson.
I can't wait to make Ebi Shishito.  Sauteed shrimp and peppers.
The perfect dish.

That got me thinking of food !
On my last visit to Nishinomiya, one rainy night we had this wonderful
dinner at Mirakuen.

Lovely restuarant

table side grill

Sake filled to overflowing.
The over flowing Sake in the glass into the Masu (wooden cup)
I think that means overflowing good luck.

Lovely dishes, I wanted them.

The best salad ever.

Let the grilling begin....

Yes, please !

remembering. . . parsnip
music. . . Howls Moving Castle,  Theme Song
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  1. You know I still haven't watched 'Howl's Moving Castle?'

    Mirakuen looks like an amazing restaurant! And it reminds me of the Spanish words, 'mira quien.' Which mean, 'look who.'

  2. It is a fabulous restaurant, the only bad thing is getting up and down on the low seating.
    It was just one of those lovely quiet evenings when every one has the best time.

  3. Oh, that restaurant looks wonderful. And I know what you mean about the bowls and plates.

    Good luck with the growing!

    1. Oh, I hope I can grow the peppers !

  4. That is so interesting Parsnip - I wonder, looking at it,
    do you grill your own food at the table? When we stay with our
    friends in The Netherlands they have a super electric grill which
    they put on the table and everyone grills their own pieces of meat,
    fish, chicken etc. I wish we could get something like this here
    in the UK.

    1. Yes, Yakkiniku, you grill your own food. You order plates of thinly sliced meats (cooks in a second) and vegetables. Then you dip in sauce and eat.
      I know you can buy table top grills in Japan and here in the US but I am no sure about the UK.
      It is so good.

  5. Haha! It's so weird how somethings can be so common here. Shishito are like $1 for a big pack in the markets. That said, I just ordered 9 cans of refried beans from (Japanese) Amazon for ~$40 because I can't find them in any of the import markets recently.

    That yakiniku dinner was awesome. I went to one with my pal Joe the other night. 30~35 dollars for a 2 hour all you can eat deal. It was great and totally worth it. Maybe I'll take Adam there.

  6. I love food...Japanese, too. I've never had the authentic kind, though. Looks yummy and cozy.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. You have to cook it yourself? I usually hit restaurants to have someone else do the work. (does look like fun though)

  8. Are the peppers hot? I love the idea of growing Asian vegetables from seed, if I ever have a garden again I'll try.

    The restaurant looks wonderful, I want those dishes too. X

  9. Hmmm. I love the retro looking seed packets and I wish my palette was more adventurous! LOL

  10. I was wondering if the peppers were hot too....