Friday, May 3, 2013

Square Dog Friday... May

Friday already ?
We all know what that means...
Square Dog Friday best day of the week.
Especially if your a Little Black Square Dog
So without any further ado... lets woof it.

The merry month of May.
thehamish speaks...
mum nice tall  person who feeds us really likin' this photo of me gud dug thehamish
she sayin' i be naughty but really just bein' a gud dug 
i havin' to have baft not knowin' why but igots chkikin' srtip after so im' happy.

nice tall person brother who is still in school sent mum this little gud dug who is lookin'
just like me

mum be sayin' it is her cute gud dug lookin like me even has my wittle tail

not so sure about that buts if im' gettin' chkikin strip im' happy

after playin ball

why gud old dug watson lookin' at me

 squirrel !

we havin' a new toy review next square dug friday...


And just because I can, here is your pretty to start the weekend !

prickly pear from my back yard


square. . . parsnip
music. . . Hip To Be Square,  Huey Lewis and The News

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  1. Lovely shots of the cactus... I imagine the dogs give those a wide berth after finding out about the needly parts...

    1. everything that can bloom is blooming we are filled with color from the blooms to the brightly colored birds. So much color in spring.
      I have a small yard that the boy can play and have fun in. No cactus to run into.

  2. i love fridays here! gud doggies rock! yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. and that is why they sent you a calendar so you would always have a Square Dog

  3. How do you get Hamish not to shake when his head is wet! Gud dog indeed!
    Watson looks like the wise elder statesman these days.
    Beautiful flowers on such an alien plant (to these here parts). We've nearly got daffodils though!

    1. His head wasn't wet just wiped a hand over.... we have to be careful of his ears and the new lens in his eyes.
      Watson is an elder statesman at 15 he is pretty old
      Daffodils ! yea !

  4. They're so cute.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Lovely flowers and I'm looking forward to the toy review. I need tough toys! How many chikn' strips can Hamish eat anyway???

    1. If thehamish was allowed he would eat as many as you gave him !

  6. Like the contrast between the red flower and green cacti.

  7. Hey...that looks like a Square Dog Cactus....

  8. Your dogs are just lovely!

    What a beautiful cactus's flower!

    PS: Thanks for your visiting and nice comment on my blog.

  9. grandbabies and gud dogs, sugar! we are some lucky ladies! ;) xoxoxoxoxo

  10. Gorgeous Prickly Pear and gorgeous square ones too obviously.

  11. They seem to have perked up since my last visit. That's great!