Monday, May 6, 2013

parley view parsnip... four tiny stories

What a sad very sad and depressing weekend.

Some blog friends are facing some very sad times.
Then I read  hateful comments on another blog about urinating and throwing-up on a bobble-head doll of an X President. Each new comment trying to out do the other.
 The mentality of a mob clever worded hate.
To the wife and mother who walked out with no word on her family eleven years ago and was just found. What problems did she have to snap like that.
Each had the right to do this as we live in a free country but at what price ?

So here are four tiny stories that I hope will make you smile at the start of your week.
If by now you don't know how daft I am this should help.

 On Friday I wrote about this lovely cast iron Scotty my Arizona Son ordered and sent to me.
After he called to say a package was coming for me, I waited two weeks but no gift came. So I called him to find out where it was and he said it was conformed that the gift was delivered.
I looked at the boxes ready to re-cycled and there was the box from the store he had ordered from. But I couldn't remember what came in the box.
Seems I had an order delivered the same time his box was delivered and late one night I opened all three of them without my glasses.
 I asked him what was the gift ? He said it was a cast iron Scotty.
Why didn't I remember this you ask ? It was a Scotty !
Well, I was thinking of ordering a somewhat similar cast iron Scotty and I just assumed I had ordered this one and forgot about it.
Daft Mum !

In the afternoon sit on the chaise and throw the ball towards this window/wall
over the grass for The Boys to chase.

 Here are The Boys with the ball after a game of chase ball.

I was sitting there just the other day tossing the ball for thehamish when the sprinklers  for the grass came on. I expected thehamish to run around the sprinklers on the brick patio because he despises the water, when he just charged through. 
He came back on the brick patio like he always does. The next throw through the sprinklers, he ran around on the brick paitio but the third throw he started to zoom through the water and quickly put on the brakes skidding to a stop.
He then looked at me like this was all my fault.
Daft gud dug !

April In Tucson is beautiful.
Everything that can bloom is blooming like crazy before the burning hot summer heat comes. Bright reds, oranges, greens, yellows, vibrant pinks and creamy whites. Even the the birds have every color to match as they flutter around.
But, there is always a but, the winds, winds, winds and more winds just drive you crazy.
My favorite tree the Paloverde tiny yellow blossoms are everywhere. Drifts of tiny white and yellow blooms everywhere and in my pool.
That wouldn't be too bad but it is all the other stuff, leaves, blooms, twigs, feathers, branches and bugs tons of bugs. I have even scooped tiny critters and a snake or two out of the water.
Arizona son thinks I should strap the pool skimmers on The Square Ones and toss them in.
So not happening , they both despise the water.
Daft gud dugs !

Hamish sunning himself on the deck but never in the pool.

Watson loves to sit in the sun on the chaise windy or not.

 Yesterday at dusk I spotted a very tiny King snake in the yard.
At lest I thought it was a king snake. I saw only black and white strips no red or yellow ones. I like King snakes, they eat pack rats.
I didn't see, again didn't have my glasses on, or hear the rattles or open mouth hiss of a Rattlesnake.
Baby Rattlesnakes are super crazy and will strike at anything and are very poisonous. 
While I will kill a Rattlesnake in my yard the King snakes I will herd out the yard.

The next morning I searched for the baby snake and couldn't find it.
The Boys where only then let out to "help" with the search....
Always alert !
ummmmmmmm we lookin' for chkikin' strips, right?
Daft dugs !

looking. . . parsnip
music. . .  Land of A Thousand Dances,  Jack Mack And The Heart Attacks
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  1. Something I learned recently that I found surprising is that cats generally have no trouble catching and killing snakes. You would think it would be dangerous for them but it seems that is not.

    1. Cats are quite sneaky so I would think they could kill snakes. But baby rattlesnakes are bat s**t crazy so I think it might be a stand off. Where dogs just put their nosed on the ground and under rocks where the snakes are. This time of year all the vets are running Rattlesnakes bite venom specials. This the season.

    2. I recently learned that, too, about cats and snakes! Oh, p, I can't imagine pulling a snake out of the pool.

      I love the images of your yard. Really soothing, somehow.

    3. Our neighbor's cat, who seems to think he's OUR cat (has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that we provide him food, water, and lots of head and belly rubs...) killed a baby snake in our back yard yesterday. Thank goodness, it was a harmless snake.

  2. Replies
    1. I need to find the right spot for it and for 7 years it sits there....

  3. It is nice to see that Hamish appears to be recovering well Parsnip.
    What do the square ones think of your cast iron Scottie dog? I wonder
    if they recognise it as one of their own.

  4. Yes he is healing nicely. That is one reason I toss the ball here, nice and flat no steps. Just some good exercise for his leg.
    They only care if it was a chkikin' strip or a chew toy.

  5. Why do people need to be so nasty? Awful - I really feel for your friends. I do adore that cast iron dog - what a great present. Tucson looks fabulous!

  6. There is a lot to be angry about but mob type fueled anger is always wrong to me.
    I love the small cast iron Scotty and he looks just like thehamish.

  7. We have the wind here too. Fortunately it's quiet now and it looks like rain--maybe. So glad I never see snakes, yikes there's a reason not to wear my glasses! Hugs to the boys who look splendid next to the pool and the view!

  8. Sorry for the sad times, but boy, that sunshine must help! Snakes... well, snakes I'm not sure of. I love the shot with the tongues!

  9. I don't ask snakes for their passports. They all get the same treatment!

  10. I'm bit daft myself. Especially when I see snakes.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  11. Your dogs aren't daft; they're adorable.

  12. They do look like they would be great helpers in a search.

  13. That's the sort of thing I do frequently.
    The boys are looking remarkably spruce:)

  14. Thanks for the entertaining amusing " slices of life" Yes we need something like reading about the bad things in the world, don't we? I always like to see photos of your yard with its wonderful view.