Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Palo Verde madness...

The Sonoran Desert is very green not at all like the Sahara so many people think I live in.
One of the reason why it is so green is the Palo Verde tree.
I am so lucky that on my property I have one hundred plus of these lovely trees.
I started to count a few months ago and stopped counting at a hundred.

Palo Verde in my front yard looking south at more covering the hillside.
Interesting fact, the PaloVerde is a nurse plant for the Saguaro.

I have always love this shade of lime green.
My favorite color combination are the colors of Tucson,
the blue sky, lime green trees and white clouds.

Bright yellow blooms against the lime green bark

Afternoon shadows

Blooms soon to be seed pod

Beautiful  seed pods

It has been it the 100 all week or as I call it a "one bunny".
In Tucson we call it, just a warm day !
When it gets really hot the wells around the citrus trees will be filled with bunnies and quail
cooling off in the damp earth.

I think this is a female Brewer's Blackbird having breakfast under a Palo Verde tree.

green. . . parsnip
music. . . Worlds Within Worlds,  John Hackett, Moodi Drury
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  1. Hello Gayle,
    We too love the lime green which appears to abound in and around your home. And the bark of the tree which you show is quite wonderful - so very tactile even in an image.

    The poor rabbits sheltering from the heat of the sun, but the one here looks to be very contented in the shade. Such an interesting landscape and so different from anything we know.

  2. I was interested in this post because I have admired these beautiful trees in the countryside around Tucson but I never knew what it was called.

  3. Gosh, your home is amazing! The way the Palo Verde grow reminds me of the olive trees in Europe. They always look a bit 'wind swept' by a hot, arid climate as if they need to try really hard to survive, unlike our rain-washed UK trees. Love the picture of the sunbathing bunny!
    PS. The umeboshi paste was only in stock for our supermarket's home delivery service for two days before it sold out. So no umeboshi left for my delivery yesterday :o( I did get some brown rice miso paste and some soba noodles though.

  4. so lovely! do the square boys like the bunnies?

    smiles, bee


  5. This is so beautiful, Gayle! You're so fortunate to live in such a wonderful place.

  6. While I hadn't quite pictured Sahara, I did imagine your desert as more brown than green. Those trees are amazing and I love the way the rabbits come out to cool off in the hollows! How big is your place? Pretty large if you gave up at 100 trees :)

  7. One of the best parts of Cricket St Thomas was the beautiful trees but there is nothing quite so delicate and charming as the Palo Verde. They are the perfect frame for your house.

  8. What a lovely post Parsnip - lots of information for us,
    lovely pictures and a glimpse into your lifestyle.

  9. Our desert is delightfully green! I love your palo verdes, cool bunny and blackbird. Enjoy the rest of the week. :)

  10. Lime green is my favorite color too and the bunny is adorable!

  11. It's very colourful indeed! And the rabbit looks very peaceful in the shade.

    Even the Sahara isn't the desert as we think of it. Most people tend to think sand dunes, vast wastes of land, but there's a tremendous variety of topography and indeed life there.