Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One wild and crazy Wednesday....

Picaas updated and took my blog button away ! 
Hello ? 
Picasa and blogger are connected so why did the new up-date take that away ?
So, several tries later I think I found a new way to load photos and write comments.
But with my luck, lets said "don't bet the farm on it"
The photos look small on my page so that will be something I'll have to work on.
WhooHooo !
 Son in Japan just logged in and took over my computer restored my blog button.
Hopefully this will post !
Thanks sleepytako !

 Vapor trails above the Catalina Mountains

Vapor trail being blown by high winds.

Ten baby quail resting in the shade of a orange tree, with Mum watching.

Every morning this Dove is waiting for me to turn on the fountain.  
I swear she  stares at the window till I turn on the fountain.
Cheeky little devil.

    It is hard to see Ms.  Blanding, yes I have named her.
She is drinking in front of the fish to the right.

   Evening shadows, the Palo Verde is aglow.

Setting sun turning the seed pods golden.
The breeze was blowing so they were shimmering in the air.

yert !

crazy. . . parsnip
music. . .  Six Days,  DJ Shadow

Strange side note. 
In Tucson's Didtrict 8 we had a special election yesterday to elect a replacement for  Congresswoman Giffords who is taking time off to heal.
As I left my home to go vote in 105 degree temperature  (I forgot to mail in my vote)  I realize that I was voting against the other person and not for the person I finally voted for.
What a huge mess our elections are !


  1. Glad I could help.

    Ms. Blanding... I love it.

  2. what lovely photos!!! your world is certainly beautiful.

    smiles, bee

    boys: you look fabulous today!

    1. I love this view, I sit in a chair and just look out past the green grass and my fountain and just look at the mountains.
      This is my favorite view.

  3. You have quail in Arizona, too? For some reason I don't associate them with the desert. I know, I know, it's not all desert down there.

  4. Hello Gayle:
    Oh how wonderful to have someone who can sort out the blog buttons.......we do not even know where ours are!!!

    Your photographs give a wonderfully atmospheric impression of a hot evening with the golden glow on the tree absolutely splendid!

  5. Doves are indeed cheeky, Gayle! Some years ago, we found a dove with an injured wing. We took her home and took care of her until she was healed. The day we set her free again, she came back to our kitchen window. She's been coming ever since--along with a very large family.

  6. Beautiful sky shots and golden seed pods and how great to see the quail family!

  7. Lovely views! That dove has you well trained, it seems!

  8. At least you can post words with your pics. I can't. Why?