Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1 1921

This lovely Lady is my Mother.
Today is her birthday...

She was  very talented and she could do just about anything.
An accountant before she married, up till the day she died she wrote the most beautiful numbers in straight lines.
Very artistic, her embroidery were like paintings.
A fabulous cook from making dinners from almost nothing, to making the best Polish dishes that I miss so much and can never make. Unfortunately her recipes that she gave me where burned with my home in the 1993 Laguna Beach fire.
I swear she could put a dry stick in the ground and it would be blooming the next day.
Avid book reader and she played Canasta.
A great Mum and I just miss her so much.

Some photos that I know she would have enjoyed.

Her garden was always beautiful

the Tucson sky

summer rain storms

lovely sunsets

she loved the Tucson wildlife, bunny and quail

crazy roadrunners

the mountains

lovely gardens
and most of all...

a sweet Mia who was born on 31 March, one day before her birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum !

cake. . . parsnip
music. . . Hello Dolly,  Carol Channing
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  1. A lovely tribute to your mom; thanks for sharing today.

    1. Thank you,
      I really don't usually like blogging about family after all besides me who really cares. But I think about her everyday and today is her Birthday so why not.

  2. What a wonderful way to remember your mom. And Happy Birthday to 2-year-old Mia, she does look like a little doll! :)

    1. I wish Mum could have met Mia, I think they would have been great friends.

  3. Nice tribute to your mother. And happy belated birthday to Mia.

    My own late mother's birthday is the 10th. She was born in 1934.

    1. Thank You...
      Mia had a great day but when your 2 everyday is pretty great.
      June was a good month for Mum's, hope all is good on your side of the world.

  4. lovely tribute to a beautiful lady!

    it's friday and no square dogs. rats.


    smiles, bee

    1. The Square Ones where very happy to give up their day.

  5. It's very auspicious to know that Mia and grandma have their birthday's so close to eachother. Good things indeed. I wish I could have been able to spend more time with her now that I'm older. Although I was young, I feel like I was never a good grandson for her.

  6. Lovely photos - especially the one of your Mum and Mia. I suspect you have inherited much of her talent.
    David: you don't have to BE a good grandson. The fact that you exist ia always a joy to a grandmother.

  7. I always love seen your photos. You have such an eye for the beauty in this world.

    Thank you for sharing a bit about your mother with us.