Friday, October 15, 2010

Yubara Onsen

Yubara Onsen, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

We took the Chugoku Expressway and connected to the Yonago Expressway
that took us to area called Yubara Onsen.
A narrow small valley that has several wonderful Roykan (Hotel ) that
have the most wonderful Onsens (Hot Baths, Spas)
I just thought this sign was terrific and it even had a clock !

The Onsens in this area are famous for the very hot water that has a
high alkaline content as it pushes up through the riverbed sand.
I can tell you that the water makes your skin feel like silk.

The Yonago Expressway is a feat of engineering creativity or
madness, I don't know which. All I can tell you is that this
Expressway is a marvel.
Once you get on it driving west towards the Sea of Japan you are
either in tunnels or bridges. Never once do you drive in the valleys
till you exit.
About two-thirds up the mountains (not super high mountains, the
valleys are very close) the engineers designed the most wonderful
road in the clouds !

amazed. . . parsnip
music. . . Into The Fantasy, Final Fantasy XII


  1. It sounds like quite an experience. I'd love to try one of those onsens.

  2. All these photographs are great, I love the contrast between the man-made signs and roads and the lush verdancy of nature in the Japanese countryside.

    What I wouldn't give to spend a little time in an Onsen!

  3. This sort of lush valley scenery gives me a nostalgic thrill as it reminds me of a wonderful place in Wales and a fellowship House - Plas y Nant I stayed in many years ago. Even before I went there I felt excited just looking at a photograph. I can't explain it.

  4. Joanna...
    The Roykan we stayed at was so wonderful and the baths very soothing. So much nicer than my hot tub spa.
    Everyone needs to spend time in an Onsen. It is the different kinds of water each area has, they so revive you. My skin never felt better than when I was here.

    I am going to google that and see if I can find some photos. I have not been to Wales yet but have read and heard it is lovely.

  5. I'm with Eryl. I could do with an Onsen...

  6. Titus...
    Oh my goodness time in an Onsen makes you feel so good.

  7. Which way to go, which way to go. Luckily you had people with you. It looks very confusing.