Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Dog a Chicken and a Duck walk into a Bar...

A Dog a Chicken and a Duck walk into a Bar or life with a parsnip...

A very early morning run to the Emergency Ward, hooked up to all kinds
of machines (very sci-fi) sent home with a heart monitor
and then I leave for Japan four days later !

One is a joke and the other one is a maybe a bigger joke ?

I have been in Japan for the past two weeks (minus heart monitor )
visiting family, friends and seeing my new Grandchild.
I had several post lined up but was very tired and just decided to
wait till I returned to Tucson.
Warning. . . starting now I will be posting with my travels around
Osaka, till you all will be screaming with boredom
but . . .
this is my blog and the way I see it is someone has to bore you all
with travel photos and why not me !

Photo is part of the arrival/departing board at the JAL wing of the
Wonderful Osaka International Airport.

Oh My Goodness I Love Japan !

tired. . . parsnip
music. . . Kaze No Tani No Naushika, Joe Hisaishi


  1. Good grief, are you ok? By which I mean is everything, heart-wise, under control now? It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I look forward immensely to lots of photos of my spiritual homeland.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful charm, and the lovely photographs, not to mention the stamps on the package!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Japan through your Blog-eyes.

    As I see it everyday and it has become normal to me, seeing from your point of view will be fun. It will be like reliving all the fun we had too!

  3. Golly Parsnip what a performance and how brave of you to continue with your travel plans. I would have done the same with that little darling at the other end. I do hope all is well now. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Take care and come home safely.
    See you when I get back:)

  4. Eryl...
    Everything is fine or sort of, my heart is fine, they always look but find nothing wrong. I forgot some med's and I cough all the time, I think it affects the heartbeat.
    I have several auto immune problems with Fibromyalia and Arthritis leading the pack.
    But at the end of the day all is good !
    So glad you enjoyed the mail. We were in the Post Office looking for the best stamps to use and must have been there for a half hour deciding.

    Oh what fun we had and I hope you will enjoy my photo trip... we all see something different don't we ?
    Normal is where you live different is where you travel, same for us all.

    All is well and Grandchild was way too cute ! The trip was great, Japan seems like home to me as much as Tucson.

  5. With all the excitement I forgot to mention Mia and your first contact with her: oh man that must have been something!

    You spent half an hour choosing stamps? You are my spiritual big sister! X

  6. I have been missing you and am so glad you are as fine as you can be. And then going to Japan and seeing new grandbaby--priceless. Can't wait to take the photo tour.

  7. I was wondering where you were. Hope you're recovered and will continue to post about Japan. I'm sure your love of the country will be communicated through your posts and photos.

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  9. Eryl...
    I have always loved stamps. I think the envelopes/outside of mail (except bills) should be as exciting as the note or letter.
    Japan has fabulous stamps and we has fun trying to pick the correct stamps for the postage. I hope I sent you part of the bridge stamp ?

    Still recovering so tired but the I think the Fibromyalgia/Lupus is really kicking in...

    I think you might be interested in the Shinto Blessing ceremony for Baby Mia, she was very impressed, she slept through most of it.

    I had some posts in the works but just was way to
    tired every evening to blog.
    Every few days I will post some new photos. Summer was still hanging on (way too hot) and Fall just started to turn a few trees...Lovely !

  10. Looking forward to the photos of Japan!
    my daughter went there but I never did!
    a woof from Buster

  11. Elizabeth...
    Hope you like the photo's I had such a great time taking them !