Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow in the Foothills

Snow in the Foothills, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Quick picture or the snow right outside my back-yard. The clouds/dew-
point lifted for a few minutes so I rushed out for a photo but now it
is covered in clouds again.

I know my blog friends from the UK and Canada are giggling right now
but . . . this is Tucson Arizona and when the snow from the Catalina
Mountains drop down this low we get all excited !
The rivers and washes all have run off from all the rain and melting
snow. . . Winter has started, it is official, the first SUV driver " but I thought I
could drive through the wash " was rescued yesterday. They had to
bring up a Border Patrol Helicopter to help with the rescue.

snowy. . . parsnip
music. . . It's Raining Men. . . Weather Girls


  1. It highlights your marvellous view.

  2. lol you are funny, but it is true some outside of UK and Canada have different amounts of snow. But you know this year we only had one snow fall so far, and they are calling for rain, very unusual for this time of the year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and nice photo too. Have a good weekend parsnip. Anna :)

  3. Pat. . .
    Yes it does... everywhere this morning there were people out taking pictures of the snow. I only wish my camera showed how close the foothills are and how lovey the snow really looks against the scrub brush, cactus and rocks.

    Anna. . .
    Thanks for the kind words. I really can't belive you have only had one snow so far !
    We wait every winter and summer for the first dumb person who thinks his truck or car can drive through the wash or underpass. All our crossing do not have bridges, but there are signs warning you.
    Hope you have a snowy weekend!