Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Boys

The Boys, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

One of " The Boys" did something bad can you guess which one ?
Hamish, not me not me, on the left and Watson, my life was so much
easier before you brought him home, on the right.

They are rather scruffy right now but the herbal body wraps at the
doggie spa, had to wait till Watson was feeling better and his
temperature dropped. I like them rather fluffy during the winter but
they need a bath and a trim now !

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  1. Hamish has that 'you've got me!' look on his face, but maybe he's the kind who always takes the blame.

    I do think they look adorable a bit shaggy, like captain Jack Sparrow dogs!

    I got your card today, it's so cute! And thank you for translating the Japanese. I thought it was hand-painted when I first saw it. The envelope's great too, love the square dog, I'm going to paste it into my journal. Thank you very much for the kind thought, X

  2. Hamish looks the picture of innocence so my money is on him. The little monkey!

  3. Eryl. . .
    Hamish kind of always looks like that but as he needs attention 24 hours a day he is always right there good or bad, in your face. Not a care in the world. He lives in that very moment and only that moment, no past.
    I don't help when I tell him after one of his mishaps, that the only reason he is still alive is the fact he is so darn cute.
    Glad you received the mail, my Japanese son picked that card out for you.

  4. Pat. . .
    He is a little monkey but also very funny and that little scruffy face. Everyone really likes him he is quite endearing.
    Watson is also so good to him and sick or not looks out for him and in the morning always greets him happily all wrongs are forgiven. He is truly a sweet dog.

  5. Pat calling Hamish "a little monkey" is my new favorite thing and that will be his nickname next time I visit, haha!
    They look so darling in this photo! i love it!