Friday, July 31, 2020

Square Dog Friday, week three

What does a Little Square Gud Dug do with a destroyed leg and 5 weeks to go ?
Woe Woe
Woe is me !
So not happy 

Agatha is now working on her superior disappearing Ninja skills while iwinston is out on sick leave.

super agatha stealth skills hiding in plain sight.

lizzzard.watching !


Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 Bighorn fire is contained but still burning in some deep canyons as of last week.
You can see the burn hills.



This is one of Agatha's favorite hiding spaces from the rain, lighting and thunder ! 
I feel so bad for her but we have tried everything to help her. Nothing works.

Now the rain and flooding begins.

Stay Safe !


  1. Agatha looks like she is sad and sympathetic to Winston. They need lots and lots more lizards for their viewing pleasure.

    1. Agatha has been having a hard time with the monsoons. Yes more lizards.

  2. Oh, poor Winston! He looks so sad. Agatha looks a little sad too. I'm sure she will be happier when Winston feels like playing. Winston got rid of his collar! Yay for that! I bet that helped him to feel a little better. You take good care of yourself!

  3. I just love your dogs. Wildfires are the worst so scary. Hoping for a great healing for IWinston. Agatha looks a little lost without her patrol partner. Jean

  4. Poor Agatha. When I was a teenager, we had a dog who was afraid of thunder and fireworks. She was inconsolable. She hid under my bed and panted. All we could do was wait it out and mop the drool off the floor when it was over.

  5. It's so hard to see him enduring what must be so uncomfortable. Hoping he'll be happy with the results and all ready to run and play again with no pain. Agatha will be happier, too, as she must be so worried about her pal. On top of it all, she must endure the storms! Poor dogs. Praying you'll all be safe, from the virus and from the fires, flooding and mudslides. So sad to see your burnt landscape. The blooming cactus gives joy and hope!!!

  6. I noticed the color of Winston's bandage has changed and sincerely hope that the Vet is finding what's underneath is healing well. Poor wee lad is probably so uncomfortable. I imagine some degree of physical therapy will also be required when the cast finally comes off. I see Agatha is wearing her 'thunder shirt'. Sure wish it worked better for her. We're entering our third week of this heat wave which, without having central A/C, is a sticky, uncomfortable existence. I'm already starting to wish for 'sweater weather' much too soon! Take care friend Gayle. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. X

  7. Poor Winston. Five weeks more! And poor Agatha!

  8. I hope Winston’s leg will heal quickly. At least looks like he doesn’t have to wear the cone. Agatha is a very skilled Ninja :-) So sorry she is having hard time with lightning and thunder. Hugs to both Winston and Agatha xo

  9. Look at Agatha's sweet face! And poor baby Winston. I hope his leg is well soon. Give them both a kiss from me.

  10. Poor little GudDug Winston, and poor little GudDug Agatha...May Winston heal well and completely and may Agatha find a wee bit more confidence. But both are having the best lives possible with you. May you all be well and safe!