Friday, January 27, 2017

Square Dog Friday. . . picasa breakdown

It has been the week from hell.
If anything could break, fall, mess-up, late payment or be sick
this was the week.
Can not download any new thehamish photos or storm photos.
So we will have a flashback Friday.

 i gud dug thehamish is hearing nice person who feeds us said this is lookin' like 
i thehamish  no no no woe woe woe 

Watson and the hamish were playing ball and it
 hopped into the cabinet...
 Watson was looking for it...
 of course thehamish charges in...

 I like his little bum...

 yes just get in there thehamish...

 ummmm i thehamish is now knowin' where it went 

          One of my favorite photo of thehamish.

This is so thehamish. 
Watson would be napping in the basket and thehamish would just crawl in.
Watson was his anchor, his touchstone, his friend. 
Watson was so gentle with him, understanding and compassionate. 
He was always looking out for thehamish
And thehamish is lost without him, we are too. 
That is why I have been trying to find him a friend.
We can't seem to find one that meshes with all of us.
The latest meet just was not right. Which is so sad.
She was a nice gud dug but was more interested in people and not another dog.

thehamish is back to see the Vet on Tuesday. 
We will be checking out what his liver numbers are. Then another test.
This has been a super bad week for him and me.
I am as lost as thehamish is.


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.
My family loves Badgers. 
Since I do not live where there are many badger and see their destruction
(we have many other critters that are destructive) but I still love them.
It upset me to read about the Badger culling.
Even when the badger does something good like the finding of this 
Bronze Age treasure, the archaeologist had something bad to say about the Badger.
He scratched the pieces. Well big boo hoo ! Pull up your big boy panties.
If it wasn't for the badger you wouldn't have this find.

 Anyways I love the photo and it makes me so happy to see and read this.

badger . . parsnip
music. . . Cadillac, Cadillac,  Train


  1. I hope things go more smoothly for Hamish, and for you. I hadn't heard the badger story.

    1. I really like badgers, porcupines and moles.
      Of course my javelinas.

  2. Sorry about the health problems you and Hamish are having, it can be so scary and frustrating. I think bangers are gorgeous. We once rented a cottage in England because they said bangers visited it every evening and they did.

    1. You are my new best heros !
      I would rent a cottage if I knew badgers would mosely on by. Along with some foxes and hedgehogs.

    2. Can't believe autocorrect made that say bangers instead of badgers.

  3. Wishing you a better next week, Parsnip! The badger news cracked me up! Thanks!

    1. I adore badgers.
      Daughter named her brother Adam Badger and it is just the best. She draws timy pistures of them.

  4. Hope things smooth out for you, Parsnip.

  5. Can't say I know much about badgers. We don't have them in the East.

    1. I thought you had them ? maybe just in the very north east by Canada.
      They are beautiful animals !

    2. Nope. The easternmost point of their range is Ohio. We've got plenty of other critters in Vermont but no badgers. Badgers make me think of the Frances books.

  6. Sorry it has been a bad week for you both. Just remember that Spring is just round the corner and that somewhere out there the right dog is waiting to be found for a companion for the Hamish.

    1. I have been talking too much about my bad days but (they are somewhat connected to thehamish) I think my followers like to know about thehamish. And he is really ill. I am thinking of not getting him a friend. He would like another friend but he has not that many years left.

  7. Dear Parsnip, so sorry to read that you've had a bad week, I hope that life will soon improve for you and dear four-legs.
    Badgers are such dramatically beautiful creatures and there are many sets in the fields and woods that surround our home. They have a very ancient and elegant look to them and make me think of men in evening suits. However they do present problems as their population has grown significantly in recent years. When we had smooth fox-terriers we had to stop walking them off the lead for fear of losing them down the badger sets, the sad fate that happened to our friend's dog, Bertie. Also, if the badgers get into my veg garden they create absolute havoc - eating, digging, despoiling, toileting, the last, after feasting so well, a nightmare to clear away! As long as they keep to their own territory and leave me to mine they are just fine!

    1. Oh I understand the the fact they destroy the land and your gardens. We have Javelinas, coyotes, badgers, deer, mountain lions and wildcats that destroy and eat everything in site. But the packrats are the worst. They eat everything and then get into your car and eat the wires and build nests. One year we had 5 thousand dollars of damage to sons car.
      But I love badgers just like I love the Javelinas.

  8. Those pictures and stories of Watson and Hamish are precious. I hope you find a new pal for thehamish real soon. And let's hope the coming week is a lot better for you than this past one has been.

    I like badgers, too. And those adorable moles with their tiny pink feet... and armadillos... and all kinds of other animals most people think of as nuisances or ugly. My absolute favorite? The duck-billed platypus. What a wondrous creature! Second? Manatees. I can watch them for hours...

    Anyhow, have a super weekend, dear lady.

    1. Susan I love armadillos !
      My daughter loves the platypus. In fact she wrote and illustrated a book in 6th grade about the platypus. Manatees are fabulous. I like the animals that are unusual and prehistoric.
      My brother takes in injured Desert Tortoise and has rains some little ones. He works with a vet who specializes in rescues.

  9. My week was your week. Helps to remind that each day is precious time.

    1. There are the weeks we do not want to think about.

  10. I always love Square Dog Fridays!

    Love the badger story. Hey, how much are those plush javelinas? I'd love to buy a couple. I'll send you the money for them if you'll let me know when you'll be going there again!

  11. I really hope you and The Hamish have a much better week this week Parsnip. I am sure there is the perfect wee doggie out there for you both. I am also a great big badger fan. I have been fascinated by these gorgeous little creatures since I was a child and the whole idea of badger seems to me a great waste on little evidence. xx

    1. I understand the need to watch growth but we people have encroached on their land.
      That is the way I feel about the javelinas.
      Not sure about thehamish his kidneys are acting up again....

  12. I hope Hamish's numbers are better when he goes for his next visit and I'm sorry you had a hellish week :(

    Badgers always remind me of the story, Incident at Hawk's Hill, which made me love Badgers.

  13. I'm sorry your week was so bad. I hope coming weeks will be better for you and thehamish. Those are such lovely flashback photos. Love the one of thehamish and Watson in a basket together.
    Badgers are such cute animal! I didn't know about the finding of treasure by a badger :-)

  14. So sorry about your low-down, good-for-nothing, sorry, awful week! And I hope the Hamish has a good checkup Tuesday. I love seeing his pix!

    Badgers are cute. WE have to take their bad points with the good though!

  15. Next time my badger cam is in the woods I'll post some badger pics for you. I love them too. Hope you're both feeling a little better now x

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