Friday, December 9, 2016

all thehamish all the time

Best day of the week is here Square Dog Friday.
Let's woof it !
Today is all thehamish all the time.
We have had a very bad week so this is a great ending.
Today will be better.
 Life is always better with a Square Gud Dug.

Taking a photo of thehamish is  easy, he is a great subject. Try taking a photo of a 
Little Black Square Dog with dark eyes is not so easy.
I delete a lot of dark photos and Scotty puddles even though they are so cute !
So hit it my sweet baboo !

i thehamish just gots' back from my herbal bodywrap 
i thehamish is lookin' gud
thehamish groomer said i thehamish was very sweet and stoic 
not knowin' what that stoic is but i thehamish gots chkikin' after
chikikin' is gud gud for i thehamish
so maybe that is what stoic is...


i thehamish is posin' for i thehamish card

 i thehamish is liken' this one

 i thehamish is likin' this  but bad bad bad katties bed is there

tall person who feeds us had keeps forgettin'
about the pluggie things and katties bed

so i thehamish is thinkin' this is the one but nice tall person who feeds us
must be takin' more not knowin' that but i thehamish is always gettin' 
 gud gud chkikin'


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 i thehamish is helping nice tall person who feeds me make her bed 
mamu has gud blankies within' the gud dugs on them
 i thehamish is likein' these blanklies they are having gud dugs on them
like me i thehamish
i thehamish is donin'a gud job i think this is done you need to have it fluffy
just like this

Japanese son has played Santa for the University Kindergarten for several years. 
He has also played a Santa at a Mall.
They loved him because he speaks both Japanese and English and he 
enjoys all the excited children.
Christmas is still very nice in Japan not quite the overboard crazie
that sometimes is here in America.

Be well and drive safe in the bad weather. 
Better yet stay home if you are in the massive snow storm that is engulfing 
most of middle and eastern America right now.

lights. . . parsnip
music. . . The Holly and the Ivy, Annie Lennox



  1. They don't call him Ham for nothing. It was 11 degrees last night but no precipitation, thank goodness. I don't even want to leave the house but need to shop for Christmas. This cold is miserable.

    1. Oh Donna, this sounds so awful.
      It is cold at night here for two nights we were at 32 but the days are sunny and 60 to 70.
      So I can not complain.
      What shopping a do is done, on line. So two more boxes to send and my late cards,

  2. Oh, thehamish, you are so very handsome, especially with your lights. You are photogenic.


  3. Square dog Friday is my favorite day! I gently placed Watson on my Christmas tree last night. He has a place of honor right in the front. Thinking of you. X

    1. That makes me cry. I still miss him so much. I hear him some nights walking his nightly rounds. We talk about him all the time.
      As with your gud dugs they are our heart.
      I have lost your address
      e-mail me please !

    2. I don't mean cry in a bad way I just tear up.

    3. Sent you an email with all info. Tearing up just thinking about his footsteps in the night. XOXO

  4. What a cute face, that pup. Great lights too and Santa. For us, I'm thrilled to have a snowed-in weekend. Bring it on. Love it.

    PS: Blog is back up and running.

  5. Hamish you look adorable in those Christmas lights.

  6. Parsnip, it surely does look like you and the electric Hamish found great ways to brighten up the week now that it is Friday.

    I also like the picture of lucky those children are to meet him.


  7. Hi, Gayle!

    I'm happy to know that your awful week has turned around and things are on the upswing around your house.

    W/o a doubt those are the finest fotos ever taken of the fotogenic hamish. After enduring his herbal bodywrap and posing patiently for all those pictures, including the holiday greeting card, thehamish certainly qualifies as stoic (and a gud gud dog deserving of chikikin').

    I admire your Japanese son for playing Santa and delighting the children by speaking Japanese and English.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  8. The Hamish's Christmas pictures are so good. He is so patient to pose for so many. Fuzzy Pom has little patience for posing. Fuzzy's fur is black and shiny, except for a patch of white on his chest and his graying temples and muzzle, and his eyes are black and shiny too, it is very difficult to get pictures of him. It is like he has an anti-photographic cloaking device.

    I imagine that your son has great fun playing Santa for the little kids. What a happy surprise for the kids to have a Japanese and English speaking Santa.

  9. If I saw a Christmas card with the Hamish on it, I would buy a dozen so share the wealth. Out daughter in Japan says her company HR bought Advent Calendars for each department and our daughter has been busy explaining the joys of opening the doors and eating the chocolates.

  10. TheHamsh is looking even more beautiful than usual. Take care.

  11. Hello Parsnip, Hope your coming days will be better than your bad week. Your captures are getting better and better, like you say it is not easy to take pictures of a dog being black. These are so cute with Hamish in Chrismas light. That will be a wonderful card indeed.
    Thank you for your reaction om my most recent blog.
    Take care,

  12. What splendid pictures of the festive stoic Hamish!

  13. I wish we had a snow storm it's horribly warm here- 14 degrees! Thehamish Christmas card looks fab. I agree with his choice :o).

  14. What a wonderful, patient doggie! He is just too too cute! And I bet everyone looks forward to your Christmas cards featuring him.

  15. Oh Hamish - you look so beautiful covered in fairy lights.

  16. I adore the pictures of Hamish with the Christmas lights! ❤

  17. All Hamish All The Time sounds like an excellent idea--he's so photogenic and poses so adorably!

    Your son makes a good Santa!

  18. Oooh thehamish, you are one good looking, handsome gud dug, and your photo with the Christmas lights is super - just the things for the very bestest Christmas card.

    Petite-Chose and Inca xx

  19. It's just cold where I'm at, but there's not much in the way of snow.

    Do you have any photos of the Hamish actually in that herbal body wrap? I'm curious as to what that actually looks like on a dog.

  20. thehamish is looking so handsome! He gets herbal body wrap very often. Lucky dug :-) His coat looks so soft! And what a gud dug to pose for the card. Love the pretty lights!
    Have a happy weekend xoxo