Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday in Japan and Tucson, maybe

Tucson is beautiful but humid and somewhat  hot right now.
We are waiting for the next waves of storms to zoom in.
The monsoons are so weird this year 
but at lest we are getting rain so no complaints from me.
Some photos from Japan,
Mia wanted her Mum to send me (mumzilla or mumajillia) some drawing she did.
 Here I am with snowflakes all around me.
Her I am with Mia-chan
I am looking good !

Here are a few photos from the last two weeks 
of our monsoons.

And of course just because I can 
here is a mid week pretty.
I know so many of you live around the rivers and see
lots of  flowers and leaves wash up along the shore.
All the rivers in Tucson are underground (earthquake)
but during the summer and winter rains they do have water flowing in them.
 We had a huge storm, rain, wind, thunder and lighting.
Some of what was left in my pool


 I think this was very pretty.

clouds. . . parsnip
music. . . No More I Love You,  Annie Lennox


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful - I think we're having an un-beautiful monsoon as this particular moment.

    In the drawing, you and Mia-chan look like you're the same age. Don't you want to kiss her for that alone?

    Have a good day, parsnip!

  2. Very dramatic skies! And I see rabbits in one of those shots.

  3. The rainbow looks like it's just above that bird feeder.

    1. I know I made sure it looked like that.
      Was hoping maybe a small pot of gold?

  4. Love the rainbow!

    Mia is quite the budding artist. She must get that from her Mumzilla!

    1. She is very talented. But I must admit all children this age are.
      We just always have lots of art supplies for her to use,

  5. Mia-chan's drawings are very pretty! Mumzilla...hahaha, I love it :-)
    Monsoon photos are so beautiful. Especially the third one has got such gorgeous colors. We've had lot of rainy days this year and that may be why there are so many mosquitoes and bugs. Very itchy year for me.
    What you found in your pool is very pretty indeed! Nature brings unexpected beauty sometimes :-)

  6. Lovely drawings from Mia. Great clouded skys and good the rain is falling. I Always love the smell of the eath afterwards. It gives such a refreshing feeling.

  7. Your granddaughter is a fabulous artist! Love you monsoon and sky photos.

  8. One doesn't think of monsoons in the desert, but Arizona definitely has them. Great pictures.

  9. I love the drawings and the light on the photographs. It's a very strange light. Hope Hamish and Watson are not minding the hot and humid weather? xxxLily

  10. Love the drawing. So cute. Flowers are pretty too.