Sunday, August 9, 2015

Friday on Sunday, Mock Squid Soup August Trivia.

I have been quite busy and missed Fridays 
All members (anyone can join) have to post three hints about their movie.
Then the following Friday post a review of the movie and see who guessed right.

1. It is a very old old old movie in black and white.
2. The book has the story set in NY. but the director
moved the movie to London because he could.
3. The Zombies three songs were important part of
the movie.

Japanese family will be visiting for a few weeks.
Yea !
So baring another fire, hurricane, plague of locust or illness I will try to
read your posts and post a few of my own. 
                              And with all my post here is a pretty to start the week

movie. . . parsnip
music. . . Waiting In Vain.,  Annie Lennox


  1. Enjoy your Japanese family Gayle - but then I am sure you will and the square ones too.

  2. Not sure of your movie; should be interesting to discover it. Have fun with your guests.

  3. Enjoy your time with your family, Gayle!

  4. How lovely that your family are coming for a visit. Have a lovely time with them all.


  5. I have no idea what movie it is. I'm not really familiar with old movies but looking forward to finding out :-)
    I hope you will have a wonderful time with your Japanese family! And I wish them safe and fun trip here in the U.S.!!

  6. Brooding skies!

    Three songs by the Zombies? I'm stumped.

  7. Wow, look at that picture.

    Enjoy your family.

  8. Scratching my head here, can't think what the movie could be. Great photo! How lovely for you to have family visiting :)

  9. Locusts? Oh my! That is quite a photo. Yikes. Run for cover if necessary and don't forget the square ones and massive amounts of chikn strips.

  10. Yeah, I did see this the other day and still have no idea. I feel like the Zombies clue should lead me right to it. I look forward to the reveal on Saturday.

  11. I thought Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at first but the 3 zombie songs got me. Now, as for the picture-wow that is great! Hard to get a picture with a lightening bolt in it