Monday, February 23, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . back to the vets

It is Monday and of course that means
thehamish at back at the doctor.
I don't have a smart car but my car knows the way.

 poor me i thehamish havin' no toys 
oh woe is me 
i haven' to play with box

 oh woe woe woe is me
 thehamish is sleeping a lot.
 Dr. Watson with all his health problems is acting spunkier than thehamish
and Watson will be 17 at his next Birthday.
 What the weather looked like last Monday morning.

 Really, how darling is this dog house even with the cutout of the awful poodle !
I have been looking at small gardens ideas and  this one was a hoot.
I would love to make it but living were I do 
the packrats, scorpions and rattlesnakes would move in !

 Japanese Son is in New Zealand right now and found this beer.
Perfect for The Two Square Black Dogs.
 Such fun !


Here is your pretty to start the week.
Son has laminated one of Mia's drawing.
He has put it up on the wall by his desk.

 She drew her self with sunshine and hearts in her hair.
She loves hearts.

This photo is for The Happy Whisk and her "what is it" posts.
I just found these last week at the market.

What at they ?
driving. . . parsnip
music. . . Chasing Cars,  Snow Patrol


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks me too.
      This morning his eyes were completely covered over with gunk. Very scary.
      I don't even have a appointment set up yet with the eye doctor !

    2. I must say I am overwhelmed.
      I make jokes about it but after 7 years of getting up early, everyday sick or not, I have to feed thehamish so I can start his insulin shots.
      plus all the other meds and eye drops.
      It was all good till I had several mini/micro strokes that everyone my age gets and really doesn't matter.
      But they seem to have affected me more than "normal" type people. I just seem to barley get the essentials done.

    3. I'm sorry parsnip. I wish I lived closer and I would help you
      in any way that I could. Even if we just sat around the table,
      drew funny pictures and drank your good coffee.

    4. Oh Thank You, that is so nice.
      I just have to pull up my big girl panties and get on with it.
      hahahahahahaaha !

    5. Anytime you need to vent, just drop me an email.

  2. Oh thehamish, I hope his appointment will go well. And I hope he gets better soon.
    Watson is looking super adorable in the basket. I love the idea of the dog house with a small garden on the top! That is really neat!
    Love Mia-chan's drawing. So cute and how creative she is to put those hearts in her hair :-)

    The "what is it" photo...that must be some kind of vegetable but I have no idea what it's called. Some kind of avocado, maybe?

    1. Love love love her drawings.
      I would have chose avocado too if I saw this photo.

  3. Replies
    1. Right now I adore you !
      I wish they are GODZILLA eggs.
      #1 on the best answer that is not right.

  4. Goodness only knows what those things are in that last photograph.
    Poor dear Hamish - he looks so sad.
    What a super Mia drawing - good enough for a birthday card.

    1. I know what a strange photo.
      thehamish is a very sad puppy today.

  5. You're killing me. So hard. But super fun.

    I'm gonna go with turd pods. I hear they taste good but I've never
    been brave enough to try one.

    1. Oh My God I have no idea what turd pods are but no way would I try those.
      Or the coffee that is made for monkey or elephant poop that is per digested coffee beans.
      It is suppose to taste so good.
      I think I will digest my own coffee thank you very much.

    2. I laughed at your answer, you're killing me.

  6. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

    Love Mia's artwork!

    1. thehamish is at a bad place right now. After the tests on Thursday. I just have to wait for the verdict.
      His eyes have also taken a turn for the worst and I think that is my fault.

  7. Wish you could understand Dutch, my words in English are not enough to expres how sorry I am to read that Hamish is feeling so bad. The doghouse with garden is loveley :-)
    A artist in the making your Mia. Love the drawing. And the question about the things in the last photo, it looks like pickels to me.
    Take care Parsnip.

    1. Oh Roos I understand your English and Thak You. I wish I could speak Dutch also.
      I am so happy I found your blog,
      Mia is a fabulous artist. As all children at that age.

  8. Oh Woe,ohwoe...poor Hamish. So worried for him right now. That Mia is a talented little artist - such a happy drawing. I loved the idea of the dog house til you mentioned scorpions and snakes. Yikes.

    Now for the strange looking things. They actually look like chocolate covered gerkin pickles. But they could also be Godzilla's toe nails. X

    1. Second best not right answer Godzilla toenails.
      I love all the Godzilla answers.

  9. I hope Hamish is feeling a bit more like himself and there will be better news. You must be so anxious and I am thinking of you. LIly x ps are they some sort of olive?

  10. Hope you and the boys have a great week!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  11. Hope that the vet can help Hamish get back to his normal self. You must be anxious but he is a happy well looked after dog. I don't know what the things are, they look like sausages or something... ?

  12. I hope your dog is well soon, Are they finger limes?

  13. Some kind of exotic peppers?

    Hope Hamish gets better. Looks like he was trying to eat that box.

  14. So sorry for Hamish. When our pets hurt, so do we.

    And I have no idea what those things are!