Friday, September 5, 2014

Square Dog Friday... opps !

I know many of you enjoy The Square Dog Friday post.
the best day of my blog. 
I so agree !

Unfortunately  the last two weeks have been the
"Perfect Storm" of health problems over my home. 
Way too many doctors visits.
I hope to post their Friday post Saturday !
The Square Ones  out of the goodness of their hearts gave me a one day reprieve
yert !

cheers. . .  parsnip


  1. Sorry to hear about your health issues, Gayle.

    Square Dog matter what day they're actually on--are always worth the wait!

  2. I'd wondered yesterday about the absence!

  3. I hope the perfect storm will pass and you will be OK. Doctor visits are not fun.
    I wish you all a happy weekend xoxo

  4. I hope the doctors visits are coming to an end x