Monday, September 1, 2014

parley view parsnip. . beef stew

Daughter came over to visit The Square Ones and give them some cuddles.
Later we were sitting have a drink and turned on the Barefoot Contessa
cooking show.
Ina Garten is a fabulous chef and I have used many of her recipes. 
They are really simple and come out wonderful.
She films the show in her very lovely home and beautiful garden. 
Many of the episodes have her cooking dinner's for friends.
Easy but fabulous dinners !
So of course we would love to be one of her friends and be asked over for dinner !
The show we were watching was her cooking a dinner for her husband to warm up 
as she was going to be off somewhere.
It was Beef Stew. 
She was talking about how wonderful this dish is for family and for a company dinner.
 Daughter and I were cracking up and laughing about this.
Excuse me.... if I am invited over to Ina Gartens house for dinner,
after waiting, hoping and wishing for an invite for dinner we get Beef Stew ?
And from another room we hear son call out "Pot au Feu"
Just call it Pot au Feu.
 Of course, just splash in some wine and giving it a French name makes it better.
Pot au Feu !
So this long round about story is leading up to thehamish's newest nickname
He even answers to it ! 
But his all time number one name is nickname is still Goat Stew  !
Also given to him by son along with the thirty other names he has.
Which leads me to another story. 
Years ago, DIL "to be" was spending the holidays with us and one day asked me,
I call Watson but why does Hamish always come first ?
And I had to explain to her that Hamish never wants to be left out, ever !
He always wants to be number one. 
Everyone falls in love with Watson he is just so sweet and very handsome.
But thehamish always has to be included in everything first.
Jealous booboo gud dug!

 pot au feu
Very gud dug Dr. Watson

 And just because I can here is your pretty to start off the week !
A few monsoon photos



dinner. . . parsnip
music. . .  Fun Fun Fun,  Pharrell Williams


  1. How cute that thehamish answers to pot au feu! I love it.

    Gorgeous, late-summer rainclouds.

    1. Well... if I was really truthful I would say thehamish answers to everything !

  2. Wish we had those exotic monsoon clouds over here - they are spectacular (but without the monsoons which go with them of course.)

    1. They are wonderful and not as bad as one would think.

  3. Splendid clouds and dog photos!
    Yes, call a dish something French and everyone is much more impressed!
    Buster says hi to the square ones!

  4. He really does answer to pot au feu?

    Love all of the photos...especially the Square Ones!

    1. Yes he does but he especially answers to Watson !

  5. See ... now I fancy a good stew. Hmmm. Toss in homemade bread and good butter. Love it, love it, love it.

    1. Well I enjoy stew too but she lives on the coast and Fish is my favorite !

  6. LOL theharmish...Pot au Feu! And he answers, that's too funny :-)
    My Goro is the same way. Like thehamish, even when I call Niko, Goro comes first.

    Love the monsoon photos. We had few showers past weekend, too. Have a great week!

    1. I know they never want to be left out just in case there is a treat.

  7. That nose collage can smell the beef stew! So cute.

    1. ummmmmmm beef stew.
      Of course I would have eaten anything she cooked but.......

  8. Great post! I love the Barefoot Contessa - she is so calm and confident. And I laughed when I read about Hamish and his need to be included.

  9. I like to watch the Barefoot Contessa but never make her recipes. Love your sky pics!

  10. That reminds me of a dinner party I gave in the seventies and gave them Pot au Feu. The husband was rhapsodizing about it - he was an ardent francophile and his wife said - rather grumpily ' It's only beef stew for Heaven's sake!'