Friday, August 22, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . new napping places

Thank Goodness, the best day of the week has come.
The Square Ones are ready, chicken strips are waiting...
so lets woof it.
yert !
The new computer.
Still having problems with my new photos download and of course blogger is not working boo !
I was sitting down to looking at my new screen, reading blogs along with my new 
Watson coffee cup.
I know many of you think I am the crazy cat (Scotty) lady who lives down the street with 900 cats and accouterments.  I am not but I saw this cup the other day and it reminds me of Dr. Watson so much I had to get it.
Jaunty, devil made care, charming, handsome tail up in the air and so sweet,
that is my Dr. Watson. 
Scotties have the best tails !
 Many months ago I showed the fireplace I ripped out of my studio and replaces with some book shelves. I really have not finished but I wanted to show you the new napping places for The Square Ones. 
Any new house remodel must be made with the Square Ones comfort in mind.
The books are some of my well worn workbooks from pottery, mosaics, lettering and some Japanese story books. The rest of my books are in my library/TV room.
 Still figureing out the right pillow configuering 
Dr. Watson on the left today...
 and thehamish on the right.
 thehamish not feeling so perky today.
Another trip to the eye doctor next week.
Sweet baboo 

And just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.

We are having one of the best monsoon seasons this summer.
Rain, wonderful rain and the fabulous clouds and sunsets that come with it !
I have been standing outside and enjoying the rain, such a treat. While The Square Ones look at me with quizzical  faces, imploring me to get out of the wet. Or better yet stop calling them out just to get wet with that water stuff !
Oh the pain, oh the horror  oh the woe is me,

 Thunderheads brewing over the Catalina Mountains 
taken from my studio window. 
The Tangelo is cutting off the very flat bottom of the fast growing rain filled 
thunderhead cloud.
But what I thought so interesting was the veil of soft cirrus (?) clouds enveloping the fast growing thunderheads.
Summer here in Tucson is filled with hot weather and much needed yucky humidity 
but also filled with such beauty.
Enjoy the weekend !

napping. . . parsnip
music. . . Gust of Wind,   Pharrell Williams


  1. Love the cloud photos...and the Square Ones, always!

    Clever use of the bottom shelf beds!

  2. All gud dugs, I think. love enclosed napping spaces to cuddle down in. I made sure the shelves were wide and deep enough to put some pillows in for lovely napping times.
    When I work in the studio they are usually here napping. I have 4 napping places besides the 2 new ones in my studio alone.
    Oh dear I am the crazy cat lady who lives down the street !

  3. Buzzy and thepip are so jealous of those sleeping nooks! Such wonderful hidey-hole places for the boys to have their naps. PS: Is that a paper mache' pig I spy? Cool.

    1. Yes, napping nooks are very important.
      I bought the paper mache pig many years ago.

  4. I'm sure they enjoy those nooks for sleeping!

  5. Oh that Watson coffee cup is so cute! Such a great find!
    I love how you created the napping spot for square ones. Very nice space with comfy pillows, and looks like they both enjoy napping there :-)
    The photos of clouds are beautiful. Glad you've been enjoying great monsoon season. We've been having lots of rain this summer, too.

    Happy square dog Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Well your two kitties have the most fabulous outdoor space and indoor shelves for themselves !
      I would love the have your kitty outdoor room.

  6. I'm glad you've been getting some rain this year. That's a lot better than last year, huh?

    Those clouds are gorgeous, and of course, so are the boys. I love how they have cozy napping spots so they can "keep you company."

    Happy weekend!

    1. So happy to have our monsoon this summer !
      We need the rain.

  7. Well I have heard of bookshelves Parsnip but never ones including dog shelves - and they look so comfy.
    Wonderful cloud photographs.

    1. Yes, I am so weird, rooms for The Square Ones !

  8. of course you took out a fireplace to add a napping place for square boys! lol, i just love you girlfriend! i mean anyone that would install windows for them would do this too, right? i think i am not nearly good enough to roche'!

    smiles, bee


  9. Watson asleep under Tintin. I believe his dog is a terrier, too, albeit not a Scottish one.

    1. Close enough for our family. We all love Tintin. As soon as the kids could read they were reading Tintin.

  10. I love what you did, sugar! A place for everything and everyone! Great photos! xoxoxo

    1. The Square Ones rule and I am very happy to be their friend.

  11. The bookshelf is wonderful and it comes with two librarians with amazing tails. So cute!

  12. The boys certainly don't miss out on comfy spots.

  13. Great cup, great shelves, great pups.