Monday, August 4, 2014

My brother, Illegal immigerants, drugs, gangs and death

My Brother who is now retired, was in law enforcement for the Forest Service.

I must admit he is a hoot. He tells the funniest story about his life out on the trails in the Arizona Desert.He also tells the most horrific ones too. I like the funny ones better.

He started out his life after University as a Forest Ranger, jumping out of  planes into raging fires with his crew.
Almost died one year when the fire topped and he and his crew had to dig holes cover up with their fire blankets and hope they would make it.
He designed programs for the parks and studied to work his way up to head Four States Law Enforcement.  EMT trained and also taught classes.
He was Secret Serviced trained and trained agents about the southwest. Worked with the Secret Service when Presidents visited Tucson.  Was a trained tracker, marksman, fire investigator testified against criminals, lots of drugs and people smugglers.
I tell you this because lately much of his life in Law Enforcement he has battled the drug and people smugglers.
He has had friends shot and killed in the law enforcement. One friend was shot in the face with a shotgun.
 But he is funny, kind and generous and someone who is just hysterical to be around.

He is against any illegals being allowed into the U.S. He has seen it all and how illegals bring the very thing they say they are trying to get away from. The cartels, drugs, trafficking of women and children and violence. Lots of violence.
Being EMT trained he has also saved many crossing the border.

I am very happy that he is now retired. I don't want him out there anymore possibly being shot and killed. The Arizona Desert is not at all like the place we grew up in or the place he worked in when he first started with the Forest Service.
This makes me so sad and angry.

Here is a story.
I warn you it is awful. I have toned it way down.

They found a truck mired in the sandy wash. He and his men had to carefully scout around to be sure it was not a trap and then opened up the truck. It was in the hottest part of summer and  inside the truck were cages and cages of dead animals left to suffocate and burn to death in the heat of the truck. I think there were drugs too. There is always drugs.

A few years back before the cartels decided to use the people they smuggle to carry the drugs, they used mistreated horses, and the sweet little burros and dogs. Now these poor animals were not cared for and if they were lucky they were killed after they smuggled the drugs. Most were left to starve and die in the desert.
The people who lived  near the drug trails ( yes, we know where many are) would come out in the mornings to go to work and find the starved skeleton horses and dogs trying to drink the water from the sprinklers.

Humanity can be judged by the way people treat the animals.

My brother and I grew up in the southwest and loved it. We were poor didn't know it.
Life was outside in the desert that I love.
Arizona is filled with National Parks and we went to many of them. Day hikes with the best lunches because we were outside in the desert.

One park is the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument just down the road from Tucson. Beautiful huge cactus the looks like the pipes of an organ.
No longer is it a park from my childhood. Now it is voted by Forest Rangers and Law Enforcement the most dangerous National Park in America. They have now stopped voting, why bother. This is a # 1 that I don't want to see.
One part of it runs along the border with Mexico.

Park Ranger Kris Eggle a 28 years old law enforcement Park Ranger was killed while pursuing drug runner armed with AK-47.
It has been closed since 2002 except for the visitor center.
They have just opened up part of the park where the hidden springs is.  But you have to attend a mandatory safety briefing before being taken to the spring in a van. The van following is filled with Park Ranges carrying guns and rifles to protect you while visiting the springs.

Isn't this just grand I can't visit a park in my state of Arizona without an armed guard ?
Welcome to the newest Third Word Country.

Tomorrow a quick post and them I am done with the never ending mass illegal problem.
I will be back to regular programing.

Monday, Arizona, Wednesday my life in Japan and of course Square Dog Friday !


  1. Your brother is very brave and I admire him for his service. So sorry he has lost some of his friends in law enforcement.
    What a terrible and sad story. My heart breaks for those poor animals..

    1. I am glad I put out some information on what is is like living in a Border State and City to counteract all the sob stories out there.
      But after tomorrow it is back to regular programing.

  2. I've never understood why so many US citizens are so determined to bring all those illegals into the country. Maybe they're just too kindhearted to resist "desperate children"--and that's what the smugglers count on.

    I'd like to pack up my illegal neighbors and send them all back.

    I have a Facebook friend whose life has been turned upside down by an immigrant--but not from Mexico or Central America. He met a woman from Europe. He had a comfortable life, financially secure. He spent everything helping this woman stay in the US. He married her. He helped her become a legal citizen. Now that she's got what she wants, she dumped him. He's devastated. I think she deliberately defrauded him. He can't see anything bad in her.

    1. I really am so upset and sad to see all the children being exploited by parents and the cartels.
      And I never say the poor children I say the exploited children.
      Really when does anyone with a mind say hummmmmmm drugs, gangs and killing I think Ill have another baby.
      Hello ?

  3. My heart goes out to anyone in law enforcement - thankless job if ever there was one. I'm glad your brother's retired, too.

    1. When he first started it was a hard dangerous job with Nature and people . But wonderful and rewarding.
      Conservation and land management are so important to our life.
      But today ?
      Now it is just a mess.

  4. Sad that the park is in that kind of dangerous state.

    Smoke jumpers, as they call them, always struck me as a wee bit crazy to be jumping into a fire, but it's a job that's definitely needed.

  5. I love my brother but boy am I a slacker next to him.
    He has the best and funnest stories.
    I think he just did that for a fire season or two. That's a young persons job. Needed but scary.
    He started investigating fires and caught quite a few crazy stupid fire starters.

  6. Thanks for bringing some enlightening stories to us. Being an island nation we don't have the same border problems as you, just different ones - and of course drugs are frequently involved.


    1. Everyone has problem,,, just how much of one.

  7. Last night we were enjoying a drink on the patio, listening to Matt Monroe singing "Born Free". I was watching my lucky. The way humans treat animals disgusts me and saddens me even more. Dxxx

    1. I do not understand humans (?) can treat animals like this. Brother has horrific stories.

  8. The way that people treat animals is probably the best way there is to judge character.

  9. thank you so much for telling us these things. i never knew most of them. hugs.


    smiles, bee

    1. I know according to Obama there is no problem only votes.

  10. Your brother is very brave but you must be glad he is retired now. Very sad to hear about all these border problems. Thank you for your eye-opening series.

  11. We have several friends who are retired from law enforcement and fire departments in various parts of the country. They are all unsung heroes and throughout their careers risked their lives to save others. It definitely seems to be the exception today to have aliens who want to help build up America, not bring it down to the depths of the country from which they immigrated.

    1. When my Grandfather came to America (legally) he did want to be part of America.
      Now it is how much can I get from you. Parts of Arizona is a third world country.

  12. Your brother sounds like a wonderful person. Not just for the work he's done, but for his ability to maintain a sense of humor in spite of it.

    1. Yes in spite of it but he has no room fro the East Coast Liberal that have moved to Arizona ans Tucson.
      They are so off the road.

  13. Life in the SW seems very different from here on the East Coast.
    Yes, illegal drugs are causing the most awful problems in Central America.....and all the way into the US.
    I sometimes wonder if drugs (which I hate and do not use!) were legal and regulated we might avoid some of the horrors of the drug cartels.
    Think of all the crime associated with prohibition (Al Capone, Chicago etc etc). And yes, we do have to look at our immigration policy (they let me in legally!) very carefully indeed.
    Other than that, hoping you and the little square guys are well!
    Buster says hi!

  14. I hope unwitting tourists are made aware of the no - go areas and the dangers therein? Sometimes there is a tendency to brush that sort of thing under the carpet lest it puts tourists off.