Friday, July 11, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Herbal Body Wraps

Here it is the best day of the week.
Square Dog Friday.
We all know the drill, so lets woof it.
The Square Ones went for their "Herbal Body Wraps" on Thursday.
 They are both so fluffy an more fabulous than ever.

 Could not believe Watson was sitting still and almost posing for me.
It was so wonderful !
I was trying to take a photo of his back legs that look like pantaloons.
 He comes back so soft like silk.
 My sweet baboo.
 I just love Dr. Watson
 His dementia is getting worst and he had a little harder time this visit when getting brushed out.
A little more anxiety. They are the best groomers (Poochini's) and treat him with care.
I am thinking of taking him every 4 weeks instead of 6. 
And see if that helps.
And guess who is next.
 se me ilookin' gud
 I starin' down the snake
i am strong i thehamish
i am beautiful
 i also not feelin' gud.
kinda sad

 i gots gud nose.

 I was cleaning and The Boys did not like (?) all the dust.
So thehamish just crawled into the crate with the gud dug Watson and snuggled down. Hiding his nose and face in Watson's neck.
thehamish is really not feeling great. I have to take him back to the eye doctor,
he is not tolerating the new eye drops.
 I have to go to the eye doctor on Thursday
to see if I am having another tear and vitreous fluid is leaking
As thehamish would say 
Oh woe oh woe is me.
 In fact we are both saying
oh woe


And just because I can 
here is your pretty for the weekend.

Monsoons clouds from Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday's sunset.
It really looked like this. It was so softly colored and glowed.

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Under The Milky Way,  The Church

Many of you know I live in a Border State and Border City.
I have long thought about writing my feeling about what is going on with
the massive illegal problem.
But as this is just my fun blog about my dogs and the State I love,
I thought I would not write about this problem.
But.... with what has finally boiled over and how I feel about the fact my
political party (Democrat ) and a government doesn't give a "rat ass" about me, 
just as long as I keep paying my taxes.

So next week I will try to keep it short, I will write each day about,
Mexico, anchor babies, education, health care and the cartels trafficking and families
of children and women who are used as money.
I always listen to and give everyone a chance to speak about what they believe in.
Except for violence against women and children, especially in religious context and
discrimination  against gay and lesbians. And of course animal rights.
Take care everyone and have a great weekend.


  1. Sorry he is getting worse and that you have to go to the doctors. As for blogger content, I
    like when bloggers write about whatever they fancy. Why stick to just one thing, when
    we are not just one thing, ourselves.

    Go for it and happy writing.

    1. Thank You for the nice words... to quote Betty Davis. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

    2. And I meant it. I'm here to read about whatever you want to tell us.

      Cheers, stay safe and boogie boogie.

      PS: I laughed at your comment about the Potato Man and his problems.
      Thanks for the funny comment. Great stuff.

  2. They look so sweet...I think they really are posing for you!

    Love the outdoor shots, too!

    1. Watson was just the best that day. He really does not like having his photo taken.

  3. awww what cute square boys all soft and fluffy and sweet. i bet they smell sweet too!

    hugs, bee

  4. Your boys are so sweet. Sorry that aging process is as cruel to them as it is to Sir Poops.

    As for America, you should go see D'nish Desouza's movie.

    1. I want to see the movie. I would read the book but my eye are giving me so much trouble.
      Did you read where all of a sudden his book is being pulled from Costco (even though they have sold over 4,000 copies) right when the movie is coming out ?
      Jim Sinegal (costco co-founder) is a huge Democratic money man and nominated Obama for his second term. Also so interesting that Obama "shopped" at Costco for a TV moment.
      The book is/was also missing from the New York Times list for the last few weeks.

  5. Watson looks so handsome and shiny! Oh I love pantaloons :-)
    I'm sorry about health issues that your square ones are going through. It's hard to see our loved ones getting older and having issues. But your babies are getting the best care and love.
    The photos of big sky and sunset are amazing! Have a lovely weekend xoxo

    1. The sunset have been wonderful... monsoons can do that !

  6. I have always said Gayle that the trouble with getting to love one's dogs is that they have such short lives compared with ours.
    Vets visits pile up as they age and we hate to see them with any kind of suffering.

    I shall be so interested to see what you have to say about border problems next week.

    1. They both have health problems. Sometimes when Watson sleeps so soundly because he is deaf... I have to carefully check to see if he is still breathing. Once I though he had died in his sleep I couldn't see him breathing.

  7. Under the Milky Way is an all-time fave. Those gud dugs are gud-lukin' dugs.

  8. Nice that the two dogs have each other. And you.

    1. I am the LUCKY one !
      How is your paper going ?

    2. I should have it done by next century.

  9. You're very brave to take on such a volatile subject on your blog! I try to stay well clear of such things, no matter the passion of my own convictions. More power to you. I look forward to knowing your thoughts.

    1. It is such a subject that has been just turned a blind eye to. I usually keep quiet but ......
      Arizona has been hammered for trying to halt the mass illegal surge. But no one listened and everyone pointed a finger. but now it has come true. And still no one is really listening.

      Every time I pick up the paper they have got it all wrong and sometime you just have to put your feeling out there. Not everything you hear and read is true.
      Obama's handling of this latest surge has been the exploding point for me.
      He is at 4 a fund raiser in two states, playing pool and being offered a joint and eating ribs in Texas and a weekend at Camp David and I am left holding the tax bag.
      I am not longer a member of the Democrat Party and have become an Independent. But in reality it really doesn't matter because one illegal family can out vote me and my family x10. in any election. But at lest now I know I am free of a party who cares nothing for me.

      Maybe I will shut up and maybe I will speak out like Elaine a black woman from Baltimore.

    2. Again, I look forward to learning more.

  10. The boys know how handsome they look; that's why they posed so nicely for you. I'm so sorry Hamish is having a hard time of it.

    Your blog; you choice what you write about. Who knows better about what's happening in Arizona than someone who lives there?

    Happy weekend!

  11. I am so very late with a comment! Looking forward to your thoughts and comments this week as I'm a "fallen" democrat and have had a hair across my butt for some time now.

    The boys both look so very handsome with their new "do's"; makes me want to scoop them up and give them a snorkel. And just look at Watson's it! A double woe for both you and thewatson regarding your eye issues. Buzzy McDuff is currently on three different eye drops a day (given several times a day) and it appears his latest eye medication is causing him problems. We should compare notes soon. X

  12. That first photo is classic Parsnip!