Monday, April 14, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . Tucson Botanical Gardens

A lovely afternoon spent at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.
I have posted about this wonderful oasis in the heart of Tucson before.
It is the best of a small public garden.
The gardens shows and promotes appropriate uses of plants and water 
in our desert environment.




opps ! this photo of a Hedgehog cactus is on it's side.

 Boojum cactus
an angryparsnip ?
 Feather cactus, I so wanted to run my hand over it. It looks so soft and puffy.
There was no way to take a better photo 
because of the bright sun and shadow from the ramada.

 Yellow pomegranate.
Lunch at the Cafe Botanica
Paper thin tortillas made on site with local sourced
foods from farms,  ranches and gleaned from the gardens when available.
Nothing is wasted and when possible is mulched back into the gardens. 
But I ate everything so I did not help that day.


And here is your pretty to start the week
Sweet Waldie in jail. Yes, he wants out but he is in crate rest for several months 
for his spine to heal.
He does not want to be there !
Cutie pie Miss Truffles is being such a good friend.
Keeping him company.
But I think she secretly whisperer is his ear
"More food for me !"  

 prickly. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad About You,  Hoverphonic


  1. These are beautiful, Gayle!

    And Waldie and Miss Truffles are adorable!

  2. hee hee...
    «Louis» sees they have a lot of BMW drivers on display there... (Note to other readers: that's an inside joke...)

    «Louis» is e-mailing mental ckikchen strips to The Square Ones ® and to Waldie the Jailbird...YERT!

  3. Amazing colors. I really like the blue motif in your first photo.

  4. Oh, Gayle, these pictures are impeccable. I like the shadow on the feather cactus, actually, and that Cafe Botanica dish at the end looks like heaven for both me and my husband. I just adore the yellow poms.

  5. What a lovely place to visit. It must have been really difficult to demolish that artistic plateful but you managed:) Well done!
    There is a loving spirit with all your animals.