Friday, March 7, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Exploring New Lands

It is Friday, the best day of the week if you are
a Little Black Square Dog.
So lets woof it.
Much has been going on in our life.
thehamish and I,  Dr. Watson have been exploring.
 Long trips into unknown lands new, exciting and danger around every corner.
New places to look and sniffs. Excitement abounds.
Move over Howard Carter.
 yesh here i thehamish  is lookin' lookin' lookin' and sniffin just like Dr. Watson
 Yes, I have found many wonderful new thing to sniff.
Old trails of spiders, packrats with overtones of scorpion.
Plus a few mice sniffs too.
Very exciting.

thehamish and I have claim this new found land in the name of 
The Two Square Black Dogs.
And we have planted our flag.
A Black Square Dog on a field of white.

 yesh i thehamish is singin' our national song
and the gud dug Watson is listenin' 

 This new land is ours.  We have claimed it.
Nice tall person who feeds us,  please deliver some soft pillows as soon as possible.
This will be very appreciated.
Thank You, love Watson
yesh and chkikin' strips many chkikin' strips
chkikin chkikin chkikin is gud
i thehamish needin the chkikin' strips now

 nice tall person who feeds us has us cleaning stuff
she is sayin' we need to clean up our new country
not understandin' what that is
not likin' this
woe oh woe is i thehamish
woe is me

 i thehamish is so exusted that i fell sleepin' with my head in the cabanit
 nice tall person who feed us said thehamish is bizarre' not knowin what that means 
but i gots a chkikin' strip knowin' thats gud

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
I have the "Line" app for my phone.
Free instant chats, phone calls, video, photos. It also has lots of stickers 
that you can decorate your photos with.
I am still learning how to use them but it is fun.
 My sweet baboo Dr. Watson.
I love the flowers in Watson's ear.
Some stickers you have to leave how they appear and others you can move around.
Have a lovely weekend !

exploring. . . parsnip
music. . . The Wind Rises,  Hikoki Gumo,  Yumi Arai.
Still don't understand why "Frozen" won the Oscar for best animation.
Not anywhere close. The animation on "The Wind Rises is beyond wonderful.


  1. very cool day at your house! the boys have a nice new spot and already claimed it as it should be! yert!

    smiles, bee

  2. I'm going to check out that Line app! The Square Ones never take a photo that isn't cute, but the last two are especially cute!

    I don't understand why Frozen won Best Animated Feature, either. I was rooting for the Minions!

    1. We use the Japanese version but there is now a US version.
      You have to pay for the stickers but who cares.
      It is fun.

  3. The 4th photo had me smiling

    1. Yes me too. But their National song can only be heard by other dogs !

  4. Replies
    1. Yes any new space is theirs to claim

  5. I can see how all that work being done would give them all sorts of new curiousities!

    1. They love my builder but they have slept through most of it.

  6. All hail the new Land of the Square Dogs! All hail the Square Dog Flag!
    And Chkikin Strips in every pot! Hail yes!

  7. Brilliant! I love the flag of Squaredogland!

    1. That is just a paper one but I will be making a fabric one soon !

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks but paper work and taxes work.

  9. How do those two square ones stay so shiny??

    1. Well if they lived were you do and they got to run in beautiful fields, streams, chasing rabbits and digging for critters with lots of cows and sheep, like Scotties are suppose to.
      But Instead they live in air conditioned home, take daily walks on leads and get groomed every 6 weeks. Not the typical farm dog at all.
      Plus I give them olive oil or a veggies oil 3 times a week with their food. It helps their skin. Plus we brush them almost everyday.

  10. Those square ones always have something to feel excited about!

    1. They are easy to amuse and always interested in everything.

  11. Now we know what happens after a square black dog walks under a ladder. Beautiful music!