Monday, March 31, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . my name

Many people have commented on why is my name 
angryparsnip ?
When I started to use a computer I wanted a fun name like the ones 
my daughter and sons have.
My children where away at school and I wanted to e-mail them. One was at University in Japan, another was back from studying in France and now at University a state away.
 The third one lived about 8 + hours away.
I needed to learn the computer and get a name.
No first name with the date of birth like many people use. 
I wanted a different name a silly name a fun name.
I like robots and animals but daughter and I started to talk and we came up with carrot.
Electric Carrot, then we drifted over to rude rutabaga, tidy turnip, abominable asparagus .....
I really liked neon carrot but then a parsnip jumped into my head. 
The unloved parsnip. 
And this lowly parsnip was angry !

Everyone loves the bright shiny colorful carrot and no one can see the white parsnip laying in a small sad heap next to the bright carrot. Off to the side unwanted and unloved.
Now I love to cook with parsnips, they are spicy and so tasty.

Then a whole story started in my head about the one parsnip who stood tall and bright in the vegetable stand and said "buy me! not the common everyday carrot"  
Not the common carrot that everyone seems to grab 
and then have to dip in Ranch Dressing to eat.
 Buy Me !
Buy a tasty parsnip.
Pick me !
And so I became the angeryparsnip.
No one would ever think  the plain white parsnip would ever get angry.
Never in a million years.

Later the x telephoned me and said he was embarrassed with my name.
Because it was stupid and showed what an angry, horrible and bitter person I was.
Well.... you guessed it, I kept my name.
phiff...... as ever

I have had people laugh out loud when I give them my name over the phone.
One company e-mailed me back saying everyone in the office had a giggle 
and then voted me the best e-mail name ever.

Yes, I understand the confusion and I might change my name it in the future 
but  then again I might not.
Just saying !
yert !

Here is your pretty for the start of the week.
radiant radishes from the Sunday Farmers Market.
Are they not beautiful ?
Possibly radiant ?
pretty . . . parsnip
music. . . Freeway Of Love,  Aretha Franklin

update.... I have been super busy this last week and Watson goes in for his operation
Wednesday. I have been trying to read everyone's blogs late at night before I go to sleep but not always commenting.
I will try to catch up next week.
hugs,  from me


  1. Now there's a good story!

    Your ex was an idiot.

    And hopefully all works out well for Watson.

  2. Parsnips give soup a lovely sweetness and they are delightful roasted as well. So the name Angry Parsnip makes me smile because it is so unexpected for a parsnip to be angry! Great story and drawing. :)

  3. I wondered how you chose that name - a brilliant story!

    Radiant Radish would be quite good too... :-)

    I shall think about Watson on Wednesday. I hope all goes well.x

  4. You're definitely not angry and bitter. And definitely not horrible.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  5. Ah, so glad to hear the reason at last! It is a great name because you really do remember it. So memorable!

    Of course I hope the op goes well, and sending good thoughts beaming your way.

  6. I always read it as Angryparsnip! Hilarious!

  7. You should have told your moronic ex that you chose the name specifically to annoy him!

    I remember the first time I saw it...I was definitely curious!

    Sending prayers for Watson...hope all goes well.

  8. Love your name and love the story behind it. People who judge in such a way, suck. If you ever see your ex again, tell him I said so.

    Dearest Watson; sending healing vibes and white light your way. X

  9. What a lovely story! Here's to 'Angryparsnip', and long may she reign!

  10. Just catching up with your recent posts and hoping all is proceeding for dear Watson.
    I LOVE parsnips - as you know.
    A splendid name and a splendid veggie!
    Bust from NYC

  11. don't worry about commenting on my blog for a second. just take care of yourself and those boys and don't bother about anyone else honey. big giant hugs!

  12. I love parsnips and angry or not, I love you too.

  13. Huge hugs for Watson from us here on the farm
    I love your blog name - please don't ever change it. I love parsnips. Have you tried parsnip and apple soup? (Make it with parsnip, cooking apple, small onion, stock and milk in equal quantities). Do hope Watson gets his card from me before he
    goes in for his operation.

  14. Your name has panache. Good wishes to the nice canine.

  15. Your name is such fun and a way cool twist- sort of Ugly Duckling as Root Vegetable!

    Prayers for Watson.

  16. This story just cements how and why I love you so much, Parsnip. I'm hoping to grow parsnips this year, they are one of my very favourite vegetables.

    Fingers and toes crossed for Watson, X

  17. That is a good story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  18. I always leave out the angry - as you know because it doesn't fit my picture of you . But I think it is a great blogging name.

  19. Radiant radishes pale in comparison to Angry Parsnips! :-)

  20. Isn't there a children's book there. The story of the Angry Parsnip.

    I love your name BTW, I know I've told you that before.