Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday In Japan. . . Japanese Christmas Cards

Japanese Christmas Cards are wonderful !

They take a different cultural look at the holiday season.
Beautiful, clever, funny, pop-up and usually musical.
Often it involves Santa lots of Santas everywhere.
Over the years son has sent me wonderful cards that I set out every year.
Here are a few photos from last year.

Santa and woodland animals are sitting in front of a Christmas tree.
Push the button on the right and blue light travel down the tree
and three Christmas song play in a row.
It is my favorite and it has lasted for 7 years.

The same year he sent me this one. He thought I need two great cards.
This one the tree lights blink and 3 Santa twirl, there are 14 Santas plus reindeers in the snow.
Son wrote me,
" be thankful you don't have a crazy kid around to press the play button non-stop like me"
The card plays 12 songs.

This one doesn't play music or light up.
 It is a three layer that pop-out.
The scene is of Osaka and has 75 tiny Santas running around.


and of course here is your mid week pretty...

Yes ! it is a barking Scottie Key Ring Finder !
Need I say more ?
Really !
Some lucky people got them in their stocking last year.

santa. . . parsnip
music. .  . Christmas Is Coming,  John Denver and The Muppets
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  1. Wow! Am just thinking about making my Christmas cards! By the way - latest on chickens they are now all over the moulting period and should be back laying their wonderful eggs soon! Dxxxx

    1. Mine are done... late for me, I folded them yesterday and will cut them today.
      I need to print out the stickers my self. I forgot to have them printed with the cards on Monday.
      Glad to hear the chicken have finally stopped the moulting.

  2. They are very creative cards!

    I like that key finder!

    1. Every year I bring them out and get to enjoy them again with much joy.

    2. Lovely cards. So is the Scotty.

  3. I like the multi media aspect of the cards.

  4. Beautiful cards Parsnip. Very clever barking scottie key ring - you need never lose a key again.

  5. I like that Osaka one best. Thanks for the cultural exchange again Parsnip! You know how much I love these posts.

  6. That Scottie key ring finder is a hoot!
    «Louis» has come to enjoy your Wednesday in Japan posts almost - almost - as much as he enjoys Square Dog Friday!