Monday, December 2, 2013

parley view parsnip... and so it goes

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is in full swing
at my home.
No tree yet but soon.
Most of my lights outside are up but need some tweaking.
I live in an rural area with other homes but with no street lights.
I rather like that and so do all the wild critters that live here too.
But it does gets very dark at my home,
so all year long I have white lights in the front and back yard.
Not a lot but a few here and there to break up all the dark.

I had a Pack Rat invasion. They stormed the front and back yard.
There were many battles.
They won ! 
They chewed through many of the string lights
and  I am now replacing quite a few this week.
You would think it would give the little crazies enough of an electrical  shock
when they chewed the wires but it seems not to matter to them.
Trying to finish my Christmas card, and some notes cards
that I must get to the quick printers Monday.
If your not tired of Thanksgiving food here are a few photos.
The photo of my plate of food and dinner table was blurry
so you only get to see the leftovers !

I love this "Bento Box" of leftovers daughter put together.
Isn't it cute ?
Horseradish mashed potatoes, shaved Brussels Sprouts, Corn Pudding
and of course Dressing.

Turkey Roulade, the easiest way to cook a turkey.
Butterfly a turkey breast, put some dressing on top, roll it up and two hours later
WaaaaLaa dinner !

The corn pudding.


Here is your pretty to start the week

I know it is "winter" by the way Watson hides his nose in his blanket.

Two sleepy Gud Square Dogs.
I don't know how The Square Ones will take it when I move the daybed back
and rip out this fireplace (I have 5)  for shelves.
I need more space for my books in the studio 
They have claimed it as "the gud dug place to sleep"
and will miss it when it is gone.
Let the disapproving looks begin. 
yert !
goodness. . . parsnip
music. . . Christmas Is Coming,  Vince Guaraldi Trio 
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  1. Haha the bento box is great! I never knew there really were such things as pack rats. I thought they were people who hoarded stuff. It's not an expression that is used in England so I probably got it wrong!

    1. Pack Rats are what the people were named after.
      They dig a nest and then fill it will everything they can find. They work all night every night gathering and destroying .
      One year when son car was parked outside, they made a nest in the engine and ate all the wires. $5,000. dollars later ! ! !
      I now have bright lights for people who come to visit. After they park the car we put the light under the engine to keep the Pack Rats away.

  2. And now I'm feeling hungry....

    The boys look utterly content.

    1. Oh My Goodness it was so nice to have everyone here cooking.
      The meal was wonderful,

  3. I admire your ability to make such lovely Christmas Cards.

    1. I admire you ability to write !
      While I blather on and on and on you can write the same thing in just a few words.
      le sigh

  4. That food looks delish. As for the square ones and new bookshelves - leave them the bottom shelf, pad it well and make it a little wider.

  5. I never get tired of looking at food... or eating it. Our daughter did all the cooking at her house this year, so we don't have a bunch of leftovers to nibble on like a couple pack rats. Wow! I had no idea they'd eat the wires under a car hood... the little buggers.

    Poor little Square Dogs gonna lose their daybed, huh? But they look sooooo comfy there. Couldn't it coexist with the shelves...?

  6. The rat story scared me but the food and dog photos are great! Glad your holiday was good.

    Check out my blog for my first giveaway!

  7. i never knew there was such a thing as real pack rats. that's my new fact for the day!

    yert to the boys!

    smiles, bee

  8. The food box looked yummy. So did the turkey roll.

  9. The food looks good, but the boys still take the prize!

    Pack rats? Here, squirrels are the culprits.

  10. Mmm, food.

    Sorry to hear about the pack rats! The little stinkers...

  11. Better the pack rats than the Rat Pack. LOL Dooby-dooby-doo....