Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday In Japan... Fugu

I have posted before about Fugu,
River Pig or Puffer fish.
This fish is lethally poisonous if not prepared right.

Fugu restaurant.
I mean really...  don't you just want one of these Fugu lanterns
hanging somewhere in your home !

Well, let me tell you Fugu is rather bland bland bland.
Lethal is what you are suppose to drink with it.
A lovely concoction of fried Fugu skins, fins, tail and hot spirits.
Approch with caution.

If the smell doesn't kill you the taste will.
This is Japanese son, sleepytako enjoying this most wonderful drink !
Just look at the happiness .

Fugu sashimi

Fugu sushi

But as you can see Fugu are our lovely wonderful (somewhat lethal) friends.
Who love to have their picture taken with happy tourist,
full of delicious but bland Fugu.

And just in case you want to enjoy this wonderful drink of fried Fugu parts,
you can buy them all ready prepared to take home with you.
Just add booze.
You will need it !
Just look how happy the fisherman is holding up some Fugu.
Happy happy happy.
Joy joy joy.
Thanks to mollybot for the use of her photos.
I was very busy checking out the streets for escape routs.
Just in case I "accidentally" found myself in possession of a Fugu Lantern
and needed to make a quick run for it !


And just because I can
here is your pretty for the middle of the week.
Cloud photo taken this summer.

fugu . . .parsnip
music. . . Unwavering Decision,  Nobuo Uematsu
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  1. Think I would prefer fish and chips from Whitby! Mmmmmmm got me thinking now - I want some.

  2. How fun, I love the happy way the food is presented, wonderful pictures! I also enjoyed your Tohono Chul images on your previous post. :)

    1. We had a lovely time at Tohono Chul. Mant photos were taken. Those are from my phone, it is easier for me to hold.

  3. Blowfish! I have to say that I am not sure I trust a particular chef enough to eat fugu.

  4. Hmmm... Your son doesn't look to be too cautious about attempting the Fugo. And your pic, as always if beautiful.

  5. Since I have an aversion to sea food, I'll avoid this kind of fish altogether!

    1. Are you allergic ? I gave up shell fish for 30 years because of the iodine but have started to eat it again
      I rarely eat meat but I adore fish.

  6. Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!

    1. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha...
      this coming from the person who love taking photos of all the icky fungi around her home.
      But I wouldn't touch one either

  7. I think fugu fish are too exciting for me!

    1. I think there are lots of things fruits and veggie that we have to be careful of. MUSHROOMS for one

  8. Love the pics! (But I don't think I want to try the drink....)

  9. hee hee...
    «Louis» got a hangover just READING about the drink!

    Lovely cloud photo! :-)

    Regards to the Square Ones®!

  10. Bland and lethal. That's some combination!