Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday in Japan... Oshibori

IMG 2889 by sleepytako
IMG 2889, a photo by sleepytako on Flickr.
One of the things I so miss about Japan are Oshibori, damp hand towels given out at restaurants.
Many cheaper places have plastic wrapped paper oshibori but many restaurants have the wonderful cotton towels I know and love.
Here is a early morning delivery from KCC, before a restaurant opening for lunch. Depending on the season they will be put in heaters or coolers.
I must admit on a hot, muggy, humid summer day in Japan to sit down to lunch and have a cold towel delivered to you is absolute heaven.
Son took this photo in Umeda about 10 AM.
Thanks, sleepytako !

smiling. . . parsnip
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  1. So civilised! You used to get them, when I was a lot younger and ate in expensive London restaurants because Dad was paying, but only if you ordered cetain finger-y things.

    No idea what happens these days, as fine dining in London now requires a mortgage.

    1. Almost every place has some kind of towel

  2. The ones you used to get in restaurants here were lemon scented. I'd completely forgotten about them!

  3. They used to be lemon scented over here as I recall....

    1. I think the paper one have a slight scent