Friday, April 26, 2013

Square Dog Friday... the bees cometh

Oh My Goodness, it is Friday already and we know what that means !
Best day of the week if your a Little Black Square Dog.
So lets hit it.
woof !

We had some excitement at our home this week.
A swarm of bee came for a visit and stayed in the Tangelo tree.
We thought they were taking a rest, you know kicking back with a gin and tonic and resting their wings.
But they stayed and stayed and stayed. So Mum had to call Bee Bustin' to come out.

lots of nice bees but they can't be livin' where they  restin' thats where we are livin'
and we be makin' too much noise..... hey why you lookin' at me ?
so nice bee man come to move them to a nice home away from noise
ummmmmmmmm could that meanin' me thehamish ?
'cause we knowing gud dug Watson is most quiet gud old dug

here they are in tree
 bee man sayin' bees like orange trees hes' always moving
bees from peoples orange trees

hes' wearin'really nice outfit

hes tapping ball of bees, im' likin' play ball but not a ball of bees,  into bucket
swilerin' them about, me dizzly just thinkin about that, till he be seein' the queen
puts top on the bucket and open little door at the side
all the bees outside want inside to be by the queen like i wantin to be by my mum

then he leavin the bucket for them to go into little door to be happy by their mum
now they will be livin in new home in the country bein' happy

i thehamish is very interested in the Bee Mans shoes lots of gud sniffs
not the branch he had to cut off  tree
he be sayin' you can see they were starting to build a hive
not knowing what that is but im' thinkin it means home
the comb already had pollen and honey in tiny little bitty wax tubes

 I have a feeling they were thinkin' of staying

and here your pretty for the weekend

Son and daughter where off to the park and her favorite slide.
Can you tell how happy she is ?
Son looks somewhat adorkable don't you think ?
or maybe just happy to be with his sweet daughter.

buzzing. . . parsnip
music. . . Ho Hey,  Lennon and Maisy Stella
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  1. Oh, yes, your granddaughter looks delighted.

    And the dogs must enjoy the variety in having someone coming in to do that!

  2. Son is very lucky and happy.... this is the best time, your children are at the sweetest and most fun and charming. Every day is a new adventure. And the family is her world.
    He is taking advantage of that by going to as many parks as he can with her around Japan, before she truly become a citizen of the world.

  3. Sweet photo of your son and granddaughter! Happy kids look SO amazingly happy don't they! I would have been very fascinated to see the start of the hive, I never thought about how they construct a hive.

    1. She a very happy little girl.
      I never thought about hives either.... in the wild they don't have the perfect boxed ones we always see.

  4. oh my, that's a lot of bees! gud dogs don't need to live by them! they are noisy too. but i am also bee so there you go!


    smiles, bee

  5. Gud dogs and natural history! Fascinating, and the proto-hive shots are so intriguing.

    Beautiful girl! And yes, looks exceedingly delighted.

    1. love the way they just started to build the comb on a leaf. I am amazed !

  6. Granddaughter looks really happy

    1. She is just a very happy little girl who loves to play on the slides

  7. That's a lot of bees! The boys must be relieved to have them go!

    Your granddaughter is adorable!

    1. The Boys mostly ignored them and the bees didn't really bother with them or me. They just wanted to be by the queen

  8. Great post Parsnip, or should I say Hamish? Fascinating to see the process of moving the bees, and the beginning of the hive.
    Your son looks just as happy as your granddaughter. (I'm home again after Tucson's warmth. See you next time!)

    1. It really didn't take that long . the bees wanted to just be near the queen and really just swarmed around to get in the little door. He just gently pushed a lot of them in.

  9. Just like the bees--everyone wants to be by the mum! So cute. It's hard being so loved isn't is Parsnip? LOL

  10. Interesting how he gets them all into the bucket... did he say where he was going to put the hive?

    1. I will call and find out. He has a big orchard for the bees.

  11. Thank you for that delightful photograph - the square ones
    look so happy. Is Hamish completely recovered now? Have a
    good weekend.

  12. I'm really glad you noticed the bees when you did and they are all moved out now. Fantastic picture of your son and granddaughter on the way to the park!

  13. The square ones' noses are Snippet's!

  14. Those images of the bees are impressive, but especially the honeycomb on the leaves. I showed your pics to my husband and daughter and he said, 'I guess that's where orange blossom honey comes from.'

  15. The whole family look happy.