Monday, April 1, 2013

parley view parsnip... the weekend

The terrible, horrible, awful, very bad weekend.

The calm before the storm.

As John Gray has labeled them.
Scottie Puddles !

Now for the terrible very bad part

Daughters dog Waldie had surgery last year for a slipped disk.
Thing seemed to be fine but a few weeks ago he started to have some back pain
and was put on crated rest and meds.
and then......

 Friday evening at 11pm he was rushed to Emergency Hospital.
His doctor, who is the only surgeon in Tucson to operate on disks would not
be back till Monday.
You have about a 48 hour window after the disk slips to get them into surgery.
 Daughter and Waldie get home Saturday at 2:30 am.
I left my home at 5:30 am on Saturday to help her drive him up to Phoenix
for emergency surgery.
He has slipped another disk right next to the first damaged one.
He is in surgery by 1pm Saturday.
He is out of surgery by 4pm Saturday.
We stay overnight at a hotel near hospital.
On Sunday, Daughter got to visit with Waldie who was sleepy but was responding.
Drove back to Tucson Sunday afternoon, leaving Waldie in Phoenix.
Doctor called Sunday evening he is fine but more test on Monday.
He may be able to come home Monday evening and treatment at his Tucson hospital.
His two Mums in Tucson are heartbroken to have him so far way.
We are hoping for the best.

Meanwhile in Tucson
Waldie other Mum in Tucson took Hamish to her work to care for him.
Watson stayed home.
She stayed at my home Saturday evening to care for my boys who proceeded to
Thank her by throwing up and a bunch of other bad stuff they shouldn't have done.
One reason why I have tile floors.
Watson is on day 3 of his hunger strike.

One sweet story.
While the surgery assistant  was explaining the the cost of the surgery to us,
half way through Waldie looked up at daughter and kissed her three times on the nose.
Great timing and super sweet.

A photo I took of Daughter visiting with Waldie after surgery.

what a sweet baboo.

tired. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World,  Tears For Fears

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  1. I'm a dachshund lover and previous dachshund owner and I can see the love on Waldie's adorable face. Hugs to you and daughter.

    1. He is very sweet but in till daughter and her partner adopted him, he had a horrible life.

  2. Oh, what a hard weekend!
    Sniff snifff.....wooof from Louie

    1. We all send woofs back to you. I have been thinking of you and Uncle Bill a lot this past week but as you can tell I got busy and didn't have time to email you.

  3. oh my, so sorry about all this! oh, and i got to change my calendar!

    hugs, bee


    1. Thank you, the next 10 days are crucial.
      I adore the April photo
      and I want you to know only family got this years calendar, Auntie Bee !

  4. Replies
    1. He was abused before daughter and her partner adopted him.
      So he has many health problems.
      But he is very sweet baboo.

  5. What a sad face

    Thanks for the head up re Scottie puddings...I liked that phrase too

    1. uhooooooo I love the term Scottie pudding but still love Scottie puddles best.
      Like I said before I am stealing that term it fits them so well.

  6. Sad to hear of the canine distress. Sending good wishes.

    1. Thanks so much, he is a very sweet dog.

  7. Oh dear! You DID indeed have a bad weekend!
    «Louis» understands all about discs and dachshunds! His favorite dog in his childhood, Oscar, suffered such a fate! «Louis» hopes all is better with you, the Square Black Ones® and with Waldie!

    1. Love the name Oscar !
      We had Dachshund Heidi when I was growing up.
      They are very lively sweet dog and very popular in Tucson. You see them everywhere.

  8. Oh, and they have no idea what is going on. I hope the hospital treats him well and he gets home soon.

    1. Phoenix is about 2 hours from Tucson so they can't just drop in and check up on him.
      They did get to bring him home Monday evening. So he is resting at home which is a good thing.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks we do to.
      Stuff like this happens with Dachshund even with the best care but when the adopted dog was abused.... you just don't know what sort of damage can crop up later.

  10. Poor Waldie...I hope everyone recovers.

    1. awwwwwwwwwwwww, thanks I will send your wishes on to them.

  11. Very sad to hear about Waldie, and hope, hope, hope, he makes a full and permanent recovery. He is such a sweet-faced dog. X

  12. So sorry to hear about Waldie, wishing the sweet Baboo a speedy recovery!

  13. My prayers for all three doggies and hugs to you and daughter. xoxox