Monday, March 5, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday posts about what is going on around my home.
Food !
Fabulous Indian Food !
Made by my talented son Adam.
potatoes, onions ginger garlic tomatoes and jalapeno peppers

mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chilies, bay leaves, turmeric,
cayenne, asafetida, coriander, dried unsweetened coconut and tamarind paste

and you get this...
Spicy Potatoes with Tomatoes from the Gujarat region and
Beef Chili-fry from the Goa region.
What is really interesting is that the people from Goa have borrowed recently from the Chinese and this beef stir -fried dish has become a local favorite.
They have taken the quick stir-fry idea, but added a paste, not a sauce, that you make with spices from that region and mush (very technical cooking term) and quickly stir-fry with the spices and jalapenos.
Fabulous !

Now here is your pretty for the start of the week

My Mountain Laurel is blooming like crazy

lovely !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper

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  1. oh the only mountain laurel i have ever seen is either light pink or white, this is lovely!

    smiles, bee


    1. I love this tree. When I moved it to this home it was green and very nice for the Tucson Desert then spring came and blooms all over.
      I don't do anything for it, although last year I put a drip by it. It survives the winter cold it does get below freezing here a few nights and our summer heat.
      Yert !

  2. How I love Indian food! That mountain laurel reminds me of jacaranda which grows a lot in parts of India, one of the most beautiful trees.

    1. I love Indian food !
      When I lived in Laguna Beach Jacarandas where everywhere. There are several neighborhoods
      In LA and Orange County that are lined with these beautiful trees.
      The Mountain Laurel is no where as messy as the Jacarandas though !

  3. Looks like your son is a wonderful cook and that is an amazing Mountain Laurel!

  4. I'm not familiar with that tree but it ressembles the beautiful Judas tree.
    As usual the grub looks divine:)

  5. That does sound like some nice fresh Indian food. I had myself a little shopping spree at Lee Lee's recently so I could try out some of my favorite Indian dishes like upma and dosas. They actually had frozen idlis in the frozen food section complete with sambar.
    Thanks for giving me the name of that mountain laurel, I didn't quite think it was lilac when we biked the other day.
    xoxo Kim

  6. I am just about to go to bed.........and now I want to eat this food! I will never sleep! lol!

  7. Oh that food sounds divine. I want some! And the flowers on the tree are so so pretty.

  8. Nice flowers! Never seen those before...

    Will there will still be some left-overs for me to have in two weeks?

  9. First a feast for my taste buds Parsnip and then a feast for my eyes.
    What could be better.

  10. Yes please on the potato and tomato!
    I am sitting here eating toast for dinner :)