Monday, June 27, 2011

parley view parsnip

parley view parsnip by angryparsnip
parley view parsnip, a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

It is hot, so screaming hot in Tucson right now. Today it will be 111
and our low will be 80.
Yesterday when I got home at 9 pm it was 100 in Tucson.
At my home in the foothills it is a few degrees cooler. Thank goodness !

June is our roasting, horrendous, burning hot month.
This is because to start the monsoons your have to have the right
amount of screaming hot days + humidity + the dew point reaching 54
degrees or higher for for three day = monsoons.

To find relief all the animals come out very early in morning and by
the afternoon they are quietly tucked away in the shade.
I have drip irrigation on the plants I do water and when these hot
days come they dig in to the shady moist soil and nap the afternoon

My small citrus grove in the East yard is a magnet for Javelinas,
Bunnies, Quail and a Bobcat.
The bushes on the west side of my home usually has Bunnies and
Quail. Sunday it had one small Baby Bunny and a family of Quail.
Quail are like Switzerland they seem to get along with everyone.
Behind the Bunny are three quail you can only see one and outside of
the photo to the left under another bush was about seven baby Quail
and Mum. In the photo I took the babies looked liked small rocks they
blended in so well and I only saw them because the Mum saw/felt me and
the babies started to move. When one Quail move they all move and as
the day was so hot and I didn't want to disturb them, I moved away and
let them rest and didn't get a better photo.

toasty. . . parsnip
music. . . Summertime Blues, Eddie Cochran


  1. They're so cuuuute! That's amazing that so much wildlife takes refuge on your property!

  2. I shall not now complain about our eighty degrees, which I find unbearable today!

  3. Hello:
    We find it difficult to imagine how you manage to do anything in the searing heat which you are experiencing. Everything, even the smallest of activities must take all your energy.

    Thank goodness that your garden provides some shade for the animals.

  4. I can't believe how hot it is there, 100 degrees at 9pm!!! I also can't believe this amazing photo you got! two of the cutest desert critters together, love it!

  5. That bunny is being very, very bunny.

    Super cute.

  6. It must slow everything down so there is plenty of time to stand and stare. Do you have to hose the boys down?

  7. I love this picture - I feel your heat.

    Nice to meet you Parsnip

  8. Stephanie...
    Yes I have an amazing amount of wildlife around me. I am so lucky.

    I think maybe your 80 degree weather feels to you like my 100 degree weather is to me. It is all relative, yes ?

    Jane and Lance...
    June is our worst month and the heat is very exhausting so you get up early get every thing done before 11AM and then retreat to the air conditioned home till much later in the day.

    Don't you just want to pet that Quail ? and don't get me started on the sweet little bun bun !

    Quail are everywhere and so darn cute !

    so sweet !

    Yes you get very quiet in June.... till the monsoons come. It still is hot but not as crazy.
    The Boys, love going outside and Watson especially loves to lay in the hot sun for a nap. I think it makes his arthritis feel better. They both spend lots of time laying on the cool tile floors.

    I read you over at Eryl's and yes it is a bit toasty right now.