Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Durian !

Christmas Durian !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Ok here we are in Tucson Arizona eating the Christmas Durian... or
trying to eat the Durian !

Called the King of Fruit in Asia, the Durian is the stinkiest fruit you
will ever encounter.
Many cities in Asia forbid the eating of the fruit in public places,
hotel rooms and just anywhere where people are
besides your home and I think if they could they would forbid it there
too !
You should eat this fruit in a open field in the middle of nowhere.

Durian groves have nets tied under the trees to catch the ripe fruit
as it drops
as it can cause great damage to any person walking under the tree. The
shell is very heavy, hard and with sharp spikes !

The hard spiky outer shell holds a fruit so aromatic that the
fragrance has been said to resemble dirty socks.
I though it smelled like really cheap bad California Gasoline.

Pull off the inside layer skin to revel the custard like sack that
holds the seed. Discard the seed and suck the creamy fruit
that is suppose to taste like vanilla pudding.
Ours was frozen and I think out of season when picked because it
kinda tasted like onions dipped in gasoline.

We will try again when in season and hopefully a-bit more tasty !

It is just one of those crazy thing one does when family gets together.

spiky. . . parsnip
music. . . Banking On A Myth, Andrew Bird


  1. I can't really say you have sold it to me:)

  2. I've smelled a durian and I too can't say I'm sold on it, but perhaps it's an acquired taste.

  3. I have never smelled a durian and I don't suppose I ever will - but then I can't say I wish to anyway. Have a happy and healthy new year.

  4. One wonders who on earth first ate one! And, how they convinced the next person to try.

    Onions dipped in gasoline has never been my favourite flavour, so I'll give the durian a miss until you say different.

  5. Challenging foods are lost on me.

  6. I like to say it smells like gasoline. It's quite good. I've had durian chocolate before that I really enjoyed.

    It's not for everyone, but worth checking out.

  7. Pat...
    Didn't do a great job did I ?

    I'm with you on the taste think too.

    It is not on my list of things I would like to do but I have got to tell you it is a hoot !

    Onions dipped in gasoline doesn't sound yummy to you ?

    I always wonder about the first person who every ate something ...
    like gosh this this really heavy hard thing that can be used as a weapon plus can knock you over with the smell... I must really try to open it up and eat the inside because it is so disgusting....
    I really need to met that person..

    you know you really want to try this ! right ? ? ?

  8. David...
    The new Lee Lee Market by the I-10 at Orange Grove carries them frozen so we will try again. but in season this time.

  9. That you were willing to eat that thing at all earns my deepest respect, parsnip!

  10. It smells and it tastes like gasoline?
    you are a braver gastronome than me, Parsnip!
    Happy New Year

  11. Norma...
    I swear, I have heard by friends (?) that it is really yummy ? ? ?

    You know it has to be good, right ?

    love the photo of Buster taking nap in your chair...

  12. I have tried the durian and had it at it's peak. My brother has a tree in his yard in Bali. I don't mind the taste but it made me burp for two days!
    I have a friend that describes it as smelling like "garlic ass"
    We got some durian candies in Thailand and my husband was eating one on an open air longtail boat. A wave of palpable disgust erupted in the surrounding seats!
    I've even had a durian popsicle which was my favorite!
    I'm surprised that you could get one in Tucson.
    xoxo Kim