Friday, May 22, 2020

Square Dog Friday. . . everyday stuff

Security on Patrol !

Captain of the Guard.

Private Pretty Pretty Princess.

Dinner !

Action shot.

 Bunny Slippers.

Son was cleaning up toymageddon as he calls it.

. . . . . . . . . .

 Here is your pretty or fun for the start of the weekend.
His Mum is a Australian Cattle Dog  and Dad is a Chihuahua.
I adore this dog ! Look at his too big head, face,  his freckled legs and white body.
What a hoot !

This is so ME !

I don't need one I have a batshite crazed Scotty !
I'm good, so three are still left.

Be safe and take care.


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    It's good to see pictures of Winston & Agatha on patrol. For a moment I was worried that they had been sent to jail. :) Yummy! Shady wants their Bark Box dinner platter. I'll bet it tastes just like chkikin'. I hope that Cattle Dog/Chihuahua mix will be able to hold his head up as he continues to mature. I've never seen anything like that.

    Thanks for the smiles, dear friend Gayle. Take care and have a safe and healthy weekend hunkered down in the desert!

  2. I definitely can relate to the first three pictures.

  3. Toymageddon! That's inspired. I'm going to adopt that myself. Our place is a regular cat toymageddon. I usually pick them up at least before the housekeeper arrives. If not, she laughs as she does it.

  4. You take such wonderful photos of your dogs. Winston is looking happier so I hope he is feeling a bit better.

  5. They sure do enjoy their toys! I love the funnies. You have a great weekend!

  6. Toymageddon indeed! I do a sweep of the house at least twice a day, otherwise one of us would probably trip and fall over all the toys and chewies. Is that adorable mix cattledog/chihuahua a puppy? Good lord...I can't even imagine how that happened. I just want to pat it's fat little belly. Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Weekend friend Gayle. X

  7. Perfect end to this wacko week, sweetpea! Thank you! xoxo

  8. Winston and Agatha are such gud guard dugs! That dinner plate toy is very cute. They have lots of wonderful toys. Toymageddon indeed :-)
    LOL those social distance service dogs...I bet they are really effective :-) Happy Friday xo

  9. I always had the wrong words when I would sing along in the car! I google lyrics all the time as I am often quite unsure of the words to new songs! Your dogs are always fun to see! Thanks!

  10. Love to see your serious guardians and then see them with the plate of food toy! I love the term toymageddon. I just added it to my dictionary.

  11. I love the "dinner" toy! Too, too cute! Also the social distance service dogs. Haha!

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