Friday, May 18, 2018

Square Dog Friday, everyday

A week of photos.

iwinston has the best "footies"

 His pads are not seperated
They are shaped  like little hearts !
I just heart this gud dug !

 Sad so sad very sad puppy.

Sleeping by the door.
Daughter and friends left on Wednesday.
Two weeks of happy !

woe ooh woe is iwinston
nice tall people who play with iwinston is goin' away
iwinston is missin' nice tall many person

 so sad so sad
so sad to movin'

 woewoewoe woe woe is iwinston
woe is iwinston
woe woe


woe oh woe
not gud


 Round Merida

Very round Merida !

 Beautiful Merida.

 Lovely Merida.

Dragon Oliver !


As always here is you pretty for the start of the weekend.

I love this sign !
It makes me smile and cry at the same time.
If this was only true of all the lost and abandoned gud dugs that need our love. 

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    Woe is Winston! I can see that he misses all the "companies" that came to see and play with him. Woe woe woe! That is indeed a bittersweet poster. It boggles the mind to think of all the abandoned, neglected and abused animals that long for a gud forever home. Merida and Oliver are sleek black beauties. Thanks for the great pictures of all your pets!

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  2. I like Winston & Merida - very nice blog. I have not written in years, maybe it is time, maybe.

  3. Heart shaped paw pads! You gotta heart that!

  4. Our black cat is pretty round these days... the new kid is doing a good job of bringing exercise into her world, though.

  5. Poor iwinston. I’m sure he'll cheer up with chikkin 😆

  6. Winston won't be that much bigger than Oliver and Merida- so how is it that something so small can take up so much room? :)

  7. I love that "found dog" poster. If only all abandoned pets could find good "bros."

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. If Winston is still sad give him a hug from me.

  9. Oh my goodness, heart shaped paw pads! That is sooo cute! Winston is full of love! :-)
    Love the sign. Sad someone would abandon this sweet dog but he is so lucky to have found a loving family xo

  10. I think Winston needs another puppy friend.

    1. I think of a friend but another puppy is not the answer for me.
      He play by himself so well attacking toys outside. It is a hoot.
      If I found a friend it would be a old dog (in a kill shelter) that need a home.

  11. You have quite a threesome there, Winston, Merida and Oliver!

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