Friday, October 16, 2015

Square Dog Friday, the good and the sad part two.

Well what day is it ?
I know we have been away a long time but come on what day is it ?

Square Dog Friday !
The best day of the week.
You all know the drill so lets woof it.

 One of the last photos of Watson before Dr. Kirt helped him to sleep.
As Adam held him and we all sat around, crying too much, she gave him a shot for pain 
and then the last one as we all said goodbye.
She placed him on a white sheet (no plastic ever) on the floor for thehamish to sniff.
thehamish was running around excited at the new person and that we all were there.
He kept sniffing Watson and running away, he would come back sniff Watson and run away.
I think (?) he wanted Watson to get up play with him. 
I cried some more.
 Dr. Kirk wrapped Watson in the sheet and took him to her car.
She delivered him right away to the Pet Cemetery to be cremated. 
Darla Norrish called me about 15 minutes later and said Watson was there 
would she take care of our special Watson.
She said he was the most beautiful dog.
One of the sweetest thing she did for us was take a last paw print,
that was delivered to us with his ashes. I was crying like a crazy by then.
The little rock was for you to take by a bell that you can ring (or not) as you say goodbye.
They are very special people who work together to help with the last best decision 
we do for our sweet gud dugs.
 I find thehamish here quite often as this was one of the last place he saw Watson.
It has been very hard for him. He misses his Watson.
More about this on his next next post.

 I also find him sitting outside in Watson's favorite places.
He is staying close to me just like when he was a a tiny wee puppy.
I was working at the computer one evening and looked down and I saw this
looking up at me. It broke my heart.


 oh mum

 oh mum mum mummumummmmumy
i thehamish is so sad not knownin' where gud dug Watson is.

Oh dear my sweet sweet wee thehamish
He is not sure what is going on and very confused.
It is very sad.
But he still has fun.
thehamish, with me helping because he can't reach the buttons,
washed his toys. 

 yesh i thehamish worked  hard doin' the laundry
hard hard workin'
so very tired
oh woe is me
woe woe

yesh i thehamish even washed my favorite bouncy balls
 so much fun
so gud
yert !

And just because I can, here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

Sunday 11 October was thehamish's Birthday !
I goofed he is one year younger than I thought, he is only 11.
Very good news for all of us.
Much fun was had as games were played,  lots of chkikin' strips eaten
and water was quaffed in his honor !

bouncy. . . parsnip
music. . . Elastic Heart,  Sia


  1. Oh Parsnip, you made me cry. What lovely people you had to help you through it all. We've had to do this twice and it nearly broke my heart. Hugs for you and The Hamish!!!

    1. This way was much better than having to take your dog/cat to the vet.
      We were all together in our home.

  2. I love that last photo! But we all know Square Dog Fridays will never be quite the same again.

    I was recently looking at the photo cards you sent me with their pics on them, thinking how hard this must be for you. We had Sam cremated, too. He never wanted to be away from home, so it just seemed appropriate to have him cremated so his ashes would always be here. And his spirit, just as Watson's spirit still stays close to you.

  3. Very happy birthday Hamish - you spent so many happy hours with your friend Watson - now he is just a memory and you must help your mum to be strong and to get over his death and think about just the happy times you all had together.

  4. Hamish is grieving too, in his own way. Very good of the vet and the pet cemetery in how they treated Watson.

  5. Hi, dear Gayle! Thank you for sharing more pictures of your beautiful, dignified square dogs. It's so tough to make that final decision regarding a beloved pet and many of us have also gone through it. Mrs. Shady and I said goodbye to our Toto two years ago. She was cremated and we received her ashes, a paw print and a tuft of her black fur sealed in a plastic baggie. We cried for days and we still miss our girl and talk about her often. The Hamish, like other family members, is experiencing a painful sense of loss. Happy belated birthday to him and God bless him.

  6. I love those boys! Hugs to you Parsnip!

  7. What wonderful people helped poor Watson at the end! His going is still hard but maybe they help make it a teeny bit easier, knowing so many kind folk looked out for him.

    I hope Hamish does better than our poor little girl who never got over missing her brother.

    And a belated birthday wish to the handsome doggie! I hope he got all the chicken strips he wanted!

  8. Tears are in my eyes dear Parsnip. What a beautyful blog.

  9. That was so hard to read - very tearful. But thank you so much for sharing Watson's journey. Thehamish's sweet eyes break my heart. Such a gud boy. Belated happy birthday to him. Hugs. X

  10. This is a touching post. Sad and touching.

  11. Poor thehamish; I can't imagine his doggy-heartache.

    You know how I feel about these pets pulling at our hearts, dear. Love and hugs.

  12. Dealing with your own grief is rough but not knowing how to comfort the surviving dog is an extra awful thing.

    Such sweet photos!

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sweetie. Thank you for the words and pictures.

  14. Very touching post. Poor Hamish.

  15. Oh Gayle, I couldn't read your post without leaky eyes. On the day when Watson left, I think thehamish wanted him to get up and play with him, too. Poor sweet baby, he misses his buddy so much. Long time ago, I had three kitties and when one of them passed away, I found other kitty who was close to her trying to find her. It really broke my heart. The paw print is such a special gift. Glad Watson was taken care by wonderful people.
    Happy belated birthday to sweet thehamish! Sounds like he had such a great celebration :-) I wish many more happy birthdays to come xoxo

  16. It was a very sweet and sad post. Please take care of each other!

  17. I know when all the cats left with my daughters, Sir Poop's was sad. He was raised by 6 of them. Banderas was his buddy and Boo acted like his mom.

    My hubby and I have discussed how we're going to handle Hair Ball when Sir Poop's passes. He was upset when his brother first got sick. Now he's back to tolerating him. But we know Sir Poop's departure isn't far off,

  18. I have tried to think of something to say that would be comforting, since I read about sweet Watson .. I guess the thing to say would be what someone said to me when my Pup died .. his name was Tate. He was a Standard Poodle and he traveled the world with us. The vet said, Tate just thinks he is going to take a nap and he is happy because his mama and daddy are there with him.
    That was my comfort .. he was no longer in pain. I miss him every day. You and I will have to do something about that "Missing" one day I think .. perhaps find someone to fill that space that was left .. love. C

  19. It sounds like he misses Watson as much as you do. Best wishes to both of you.

  20. Parsnip, your blog needs to provide tissues. :(