Wednesday, May 27, 2009

05.23 Tucson-10

05.23 Tucson-10, originally uploaded by sleepytako.

My son took this picture of Kitt Peak Observatory which is located just outside of Tucson Arizona. My Father worked on the Telescopes in the 60's.

This Observatory has had a hand (or Telescope ) in many great discoveries over the course of 40 years. My favorite is the unbelievable image of the Eagle Nebula.
The mission of Kitt Peak is to provide State of the Art facilities to any astronomer based on the merit of her or his Idea. The funding comes from The US National Science Foundation and no charge to visiting astronomers. . . How really cool is that ! ! !

It is a really wonderful place to visit, you can see the telescopes up close and it is Free !

Cheers ! parsnip


  1. Kitt Peak looks and sounds fabulous, this is surely what knowledge, the pursuit of it, is all about: sharing.

  2. I loveee the photograph! so beautiful! Also your new banner looks awesome! :D It reminds me of the drawings you used to do when I was younger.

  3. Eryl,
    Kitt Peak is Fabulous and what they have discovered in space is remarkable.

    David is a great photographer, he has a great eye.
    I love that drawing too !